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Business Intelligence growth and value: 7 telling stats.

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Business Intelligence is growing at an astounding rate. Here are 7 powerful stats that prove just how fast it is growing:

When it comes to effective sales and marketing, you have to stay top dog. How? By knowing your current and potential customers inside and out. This can be difficult if you’re relying solely on gut feeling. Is there an easier way? Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow companies just like yours to effectively and efficiently analyze data and create proactive marketing strategies based on key insights.

BI has come a long way since the term was coined in the ‘80s. Today’s robust solutions are now available to all types of businesses. As these tools become more comprehensible, even the least technical user can leverage the benefits of big data and foster powerful business growth.

And BI shows no signs of slowing down.

Better Buys has created the below infographic highlighting 7 powerful stats demonstrating how BI impacts business today and in the future.

Business Intelligence growth and value: 7 telling stats

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