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Decision makers should not assume the worst. Stay safe with sales-i.

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With technology that moves your business online, you can stay safe and still sell smart.

You can access sales-i anywhere, at any time. Business must go on.

In this tough time, it can be difficult to see much light at the end of the tunnel. The future of the economy is uncertain and international trading may begin to see a slowdown. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus is impacting global markets and affecting everything from international air travel to local businesses.

However, all is not lost. With modern technology already existing in every business you can switch to online communication, such as Skype and Zoom, and still be very much connected, even if you are physically isolated. Business must still go on.

Video Conferencing.

With sales-i being a global product and service, as a business, we already rely heavily on online video conferencing to host meetings with both customers and colleagues. You can meet anywhere, on any device, with multiple people. Often, video communications software will provide a screen sharing feature, which allows you to present your business product through visuals; this is how we demonstrate sales-i to people from all over the world. You get all the elements of a real meeting but without the need to be in the office.


Webinars and workshops can be extremely effective as they give the attendee the ability to interact, give, receive or discuss information in real-time. Take the sales-i Workshop Webinars as an example; our expert trainers educate you and your teams in using the software to its fullest potential so that you can deliver better results and increase your revenue further. The sales-i trainers host online webinars, which you can join and learn the area of the software they are focusing on at the time.

The sales-i trainers are running webinars. Click to find out more.

Self-isolation can be made productive with online video conferencing, webinars and training sessions.

Training sessions.

With conferences and events being cancelled and postponed around the globe – from major sports leagues, to important business training sessions – we are already identifying how we can continue to educate our customers.

As a business, we have prepared for this situation and adapted all customer training sessions to work online. Wherever, whenever. You and your team can maintain productivity within the business and learn to use a product that will support your revenue for the upcoming – and unpredictable – months. You will benefit from tailored sessions that focus on your business requirements and how to best implement and take advantage of sales-i, all from a safe location.

To book a training session for your team, email us at training@sales-i.com for UK or useducationteam@sales-i.com for the US.

We recognize the shift in the economy and the need to protect business continuity at all costs, which is why we’re on hand to help you overcome this challenging time.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a serious global issue, but it is also one that we can navigate with equal parts caution.

According to the four global partners at McKinsey & Company “The Coronavirus crisis is a story with an unclear ending. What is clear is that the human impact is already tragic and that companies have an imperative to act immediately to protect their employees, address business challenges and risk, and help to mitigate the outbreak in whatever ways they can”.

For more information on products and services at sales-i, you can contact us via tellmemore@sales-i.com or head to our website here.

Stay safe.

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