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Durrie Sales.

Durrie Sales successfully focus their sales teams efforts on the biggest revenue opportunities with sales-i.

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How Durrie Sales successfully focus their sales team's efforts on the biggest revenue opportunities with sales-i.

Prior to using sales-i, the Durrie Sales team were spending hours of time on
sales reporting and analytics, often struggling to get the in-depth understanding they needed and missing revenue opportunities.

Using sales-i has helped Durrie Sales to:

  • Bring all of their sales data into one place to analyze and identify new sales revenue opportunities quickly.
  • Stay one step ahead and really focus salespeople efforts in the right places.
  • Provide sales reps with an easy-to-use and tailored sales platform to drill down into customer behaviors.

We spoke with Stephanie Hudziak, CPMR, Division Coordinator at Durrie Sales who expressed her interest in using sales-i and how it has benefitted the company as a whole.

Lack of data analytics and reporting affected sales revenue.

Stephanie shared why Durrie Sales did not previously have the knowledge of using reports and the impact of using sales-i. ‘We didn’t have a good awareness of what was going on, just because you have to run all these separate reports and if you wanted to focus on something, that was another report. Here you just bounce in and say top-level, this is what we get. Who are our top-end users? It really focuses you on where you want to direct your salespeople to’.

She provides an example of the benefits of using the sales-i for reporting.

‘Right now, I am running a report. I need the top 80% of customers in a very specific zone, ‘Southern California’ to be very specific and it's taking me 10 minutes to run that information. That's mostly just because I’ve got to make sure that my zip codes match. I can look by region, look by parent customer, and the end-user customer if you will, within seconds. Choose my dates, I can see variances, all sorts of things. You guys were able to customize and that was a big thing for us. The interface was cleaner, more modern, which I really appreciated’.

Easy-to-use reporting helps focus sales efforts.

Stephanie expresses how effective sales-i has been by allowing them to analyze their users behavior to see if they have been loyal to their company.

Durrie Sales

She also shares how sales-i assisted Durrie Sales to improve their margins.

‘I’m actually in the process of margins. Margins have become a big concern for us. Just due to all these price increases. So, I’m actually working with you guys right now to figure out how I can create that’.

New relationships were formed at the Industrial Supply Association convention.

Stephanie shares the time that she met sales-i at the Industrial Supply Association convention and how sales-i became their point person for a while.

‘So, when I met Scott, it was really useful, it only took three minutes of his time to show me the demo and the software pretty much sold itself. I would have follow-up calls with sales staff and they were really quick meetings. My sales staff also loved the training videos because they didn’t take all day and all the key information was there. Our organization progressed from there and now we love the software and the improvement you guys made was excellent. I like the interface better but overall; it has been really helpful'.

Who are Durrie Sales?

Durrie Sales is a stocking manufacturer's representative located in Chicago, Illinois.

Durrie Sales have been in business since 1934, with 38 employees within the business and they have bought several companies and owned the California location since 2007.

Durrie Sales represent top manufacturers from across the Midwest and work every day to help save time and money for their customers.

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