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Employees of the Month July 2018.

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Another month has sauntered passed us whilst we have been melting in the heat (in the UK anyway!) and we find ourselves announcing the sales-i employee of the month of July 2018. Who has managed to impress the management team this month?


UK Winner

Natalie Davies
Marketing Executive


Nat hasn’t gone the extra mile this month – she has gone the extra 3,861 miles all the way to our Chicago office!

Putting her personal life at home to one side (including her adorable cat Harry), she has joined the USA team for 3 months to boost efforts on US Major Accounts.

Natalie has been with sales-i for over 6 years and has played a vital role in its growth and continued success.

Paul Black, sales-i CEO said, “Nat has taken the challenge in her stride and I am sure the USA office is benefiting from her hard work.”

Congratulations Nat!



UK Runner-Up

Hamish Halton
Account Executive


Hamish hasn’t slowed down since starting his new role in the sales team. His enthusiasm and hard work have converted into some excellent results for the company. Plus, with Nat in the US he gets the coveted parking spot at the front of the Solihull Office!

Well done Hamish!



USA Winner

Michael Cirino
Sales Development Representative

Michael has continued to go above and beyond in July for the US team. Whilst maintaining and excelling at his daily duties, he has been busy developing team processes that are shaping the future of his department for the better.

Paul says “He is a very gifted Sales Development Rep and will be part of the future success of sales-i.”

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