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From this point forward, you need to ensure every business decision you make is going to be the right one – but how do you do that?

Gary Lynch, Software Training Consultant at sales-i, explores just how you can use your sales enablement software to get ahead of the competition and beat the post-lockdown struggle, whilst increasing your sales and nurturing customer relationships. He also visually demonstrates exactly what to do as a sales-i user, if you haven’t logged into the system for a period of time – you can find this in the webinars located at the bottom.


  • MyCalls

When logging onto MyCalls for the first time in a while, you’ll immediately want to check how many outstanding calls you currently have that you are yet to action. Gary suggests in his webinars that you should always consider this a priority, as it will help to keep on top of your schedule when contacting customers and knowing which account is a priority for that day.

To manage your tasks that are incomplete, you can simply move calls and push them back to a later date or time using the calendar wheel; this will automatically reschedule your planned list so that you don’t forget about it in the future. If you have recently returned back to work, this is a feature you can take advantage of to reconnect and chase up those customers you had planned calls with.


  • Enquiries

For those sales-i users that are familiar with enquiries, you’ll typically use Full Picture and Variance reports quite often. But, one of the most underutilized – but very valuable – reports is the Sales Vs. Gaps Enquiry.

In the webinars, Gary explains that “before I use Sales Vs. Gaps, I’m going to select ‘Start With Filter’ to set some dates. At this point, I want to look at how things have progressed or changed since I’ve been out of work. Therefore, I’m going to select my start month to my end month and roll my periods so that this filter can move along in time and becomes dynamic.”

Once this filter has been applied, Gary goes back into Sales Vs. Gaps and looks into customers to give an idea of any patterns or trends that have been immersed in that time period. This will give you a list of all of the customers that have or have not, spent with you during lockdown.

The reason Sales Vs. Gaps are so powerful, is because they will instantly deliver this list within seconds. By clicking on the information bubble, you can spot any changes in purchasing behavior and identify which of those customers have slowed down or stopped spending in the last couple of months. This then gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with these customers and investigate the spending trends further.

Gary also demonstrates how to save, pin, and access your enquiries report with simple shortcuts, as well as how to break down each individual product that customers are purchasing: “One tap breaks down all of your sales figures.”

For specific customer information, the webinar shows you exactly how to gain access to your customer record cards through your CRM. Here, you can view details such as an address, telephone number, and contacts, along with the options to generate a Snapshot report or check the call history notes to view when the customer was last contacted.


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