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Global Brands.

Global Brands use sales-i to maximize selling opportunities.

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Global Brands, the leading drinks brand development business, has employed sales-i to support its team in maximizing selling opportunities.

"It was immediately obvious that we didn’t need to look further than sales-i."


James Tongue, Former Sales Manager 

The Overview.

Global Brands is the leading independent drinks brand development business that owns, markets, and distributes an enviable collection of products across the RTD (Ready To Drink), spirits, soft drinks and beer categories.

The company, which has been serving the industry since 1997, marketing and distributing many of the country’s most recognizable beverage brands, including VK and Hooch, is used to being at the top of its game.

The Challenge.

Behind this is a conscious effort within Global Brands to integrate innovation into the business's culture, implementing new technologies that can aid productivity at every level of the organization.

With an expanding product range and growing customer base, the company needed an intelligent system that could help it to identify warm prospects and make targeted sales with high conversion rates. While doing this it also wanted to maintain an exceptional level of customer satisfaction among existing customers.

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The Solution.

When researching the sales technology market, Global Brands came across sales-i and quickly realized the software’s potential.

James Tongue, Sales Manager at Global Brands, comments: “We thoroughly researched a spectrum of sales solutions, but it was immediately obvious that we didn’t need to look further than sales-i. We could find no other tool that met our objectives and contributed to sales and customer relations in the same way.”

"sales-i is the ultimate sales solution for us. It is unbelievably simple and analyzes our sales data with minimal input from us. We couldn't recommend sales-i enough."


James Tongue, Former Sales Manager 

The Results.

sales-i was welcomed by members of the sales teams to whom it gave quick and easy access to customer account information, coupled with a comprehensive yet simple CRM system.

The reaction of Global Brands’ senior management team was equally positive, especially when they discovered the solution afforded complete transparency into the company’s sales operations. While providing a top level view of business performance, it also offered the ability to closely monitor customer accounts and measure the performance of individual sales team members.

The Future.

The team at Global Brands has been using sales-i for just over 3 years years. In that time the sales team has evaluated and changed the way it interacts with buyers and is now confident that it can meet the needs of its evolving customer base.

The business intelligence held by the sales team is second-to-none; users have access to granular detail on every aspect of their customer accounts. This allows them to better serve existing customers through targeted, proactive approaches and identify prospective sales through alerts received direct from the sales-i dashboard.

Tongue concludes: “sales-i is the ultimate sales solution for us. It is unbelievably simple and interacts directly with our sales data, analyzing it with minimal input from us. All the intelligence it gathers is integrated into an intuitive CRM tool which is flexible enough to meet our changing needs. We couldn’t recommend sales-i enough.”

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