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How sales technology can help your business today.

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Kevin McGirl, Co-Founder of sales-i, shares how sales technologies can (and will) help your business through the global economic slowdown.

“sales-i was formed in the jaws of the 2008 Great Recession to help distribution businesses maximize sales performance.

The winning formula was helping sales leaders realize that relying on big-name CRM software to prospect, new customers, was futile in extremely tough market conditions. The secret sauce was the growing share of wallet with existing customers that already buy from you.

The #SellSmart playbook was simple…

1. Use sales-i as a radar to provide an early warning of any churn risks (or category erosion) to competitors

2. Ensure salespeople prioritize their calls rather than rely on the ‘milk run’

3. Provide one-click, plain English insights into customer buying patterns to highlight immediate product gaps and cross-sell opportunities

Typical sales technologies take months or years (sometimes decades) to deploy – in contrast, sales-i will have your sales team live and dangerous (selling more) in as little as 30 days.

2020 is beginning to feel an awful lot like 2008 and if you need an experienced Sherpa to help you navigate the mountain and grow sales whilst your competitors are running for the hills… contact me today.”

LinkedIn: @KevinMcGirl

Email: kmcgirl@sales-i.com

Kevin McGirl

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