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Is your business CRM savvy?

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s business world. But where does the real value lie in implementing such a system? With an economy that is constantly fluctuating, getting the most out of every prospect or customer is a must.

Research at Microsoft has shown that having instant, mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6%, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an efficient CRM system in place.

CRM is more than just a sales management tool. It is not simply a way for sales managers to play ‘big brother’ and keep an eye on their sales team. Every department of your business can benefit from being kept in the loop with one system. Finance, Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, and so on. Keeping everyone connected and reading off the same page will allow you to serve each of your customers more effectively.

“Any sales led businesses should be using a CRM system”.


As a salesperson, using a CRM system puts them in good stead to build lasting, stronger relationships with your customer from day one. So, where does the value really lie?

For sales? You can collect leads from a number of sources, track prospects from initiation to sale, and maintain all the relevant information about existing client relationships in one place.

Reducing customer churn is another huge benefit. Having all of the relevant customer information and detail to hand will provide any customer service team with everything they need to engage with existing customers and deal with any issues or requests swiftly.

Nurturing every one of your qualified leads is so important to ensure they are always sales-ready and that efforts are focused where it matters most. With a CRM, you can keep track of everything from those key moments, orders, and conversations to when your contact changes jobs, which sports team they support, and what their sister’s friend’s brother’s dog is called. Always makes a great conversation piece when you know each customer like the back of your hand.

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