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How to maximize ROI from your sales intelligence platform

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A sales intelligence platform is crucial to those salespeople who are responsible for making informed decisions and improving return on investment at every stage of their sales cycle.

When utilized to its full potential, sales intelligence software simplifies sales processes and brings key insights to your fingertips so that you can maximize the returns by:

  • Finding potential customers for your pipeline
  • Understanding their exact needs
  • Identifying sales gaps and cross-sell opportunities
  • Getting insights on product and account levels
  • Pitching recommended solutions at the right time
  • Creating and implementing a bespoke approach

The ideal system can do all this quickly and effectively – increasing the chances of attaining maximum output from your sales intelligence system.

So, are they worth investing in?

Systems that help you stand out:

In today's competitive sales environment, it is vital to have quick access to accurate and data-driven customer insights. However, the time and cost implications of trying out a new sales system or software can be off-putting to many businesses, particularly in a dynamic economic climate.

Through these insights, businesses gain access to actionable data and use it to leverage cross-sell opportunities and grow sales revenue. This information can include customer buying behavior, market buying trends, competitor analysis, sales gap analysis, etcetera, which can help salespeople identify and close opportunities. 

Spend a little – gain a lot:

Here are just a few benefits that a sales intelligence system will bring:

1. Identify your target audience

With the right sales intelligence system, you can identify your potential customers' key criteria and needs. This means that your team can actively reduce the time spent talking to those who are disinterested and focus on high-value, hot prospects to make more sales.

2. Shorter sales cycles

A good sales intelligence system will reduce the time spent researching potential leads by bringing all the relevant information into one place. This saves your sales team time and gets them speaking to interested customers faster, all while keeping track of customer interactions so helping your team improve their customer service.

3. Stay on top of the game

By using the right sales intelligence system, you keep track of the latest market trends and distinguish your products or services from those of your competitors – leading to a boost in sales. This data enables your business to develop better strategies to reach your target markets and can also be used to create more personalized customer experiences.

Success is all about strategy:

So you’ve decided to try a new system, but where do you start? To make the most of any sales intelligence system, it's important to develop a clear strategy to maximize its potential. Researching the right software for your sales team's unique needs is key to ensuring successful implementation and internal take-up.

Here are our top two tips that businesses should read before starting to implement any new sales intelligence system:

1. Identify your key sales objectives

It is important to identify the objectives you want to achieve through implementing sales intelligence. This will help to prioritize the data that matters the most and help find the system that works best for your team.

For example, if your goal is to increase sales revenue, you will need a system with the ability to focus on data related to customer acquisition and retention.

2. Choose the right sales intelligence system

After identifying your objectives, it is important to research which sales intelligence system best fits you and your sales team. Taking the time in the beginning to evaluate the different options available will pay off in the long run, as any new system should have features that fit your goals, as well as be an easy platform for your team to use.

For example, your sales team might not have much experience analyzing data, so it might be crucial for any new system to include data visualization tools that make the insights easily accessible and understandable for your team.

Want to find out more? sales-i can help

At sales-i, we know that having the right sales intelligence system for your team is vital in today’s business landscape. It’s our mission to help every business identify its key objectives and get started on its sales data journey.

Book your free demo now to see how sales-i can help boost your sales success or get in touch to find out how we can help make the process easier for your sales team.

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