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Brand new update to sales-i mobile now available.

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Another week and another significant new update from our development team. We’ve added brand-new features now available for your iOS and Android devices. Just update the sales-i app in your device’s app store to get all of these brand-new additions.

  • We’ve added the ability to update the status of your Campaigns from your iOS device. With a simple swipe, you can change the status of your Campaign, allowing you to track and monitor their progress from your mobile device.


    • Drilling through your sales data on your iOS device is now faster than ever before. We’ve added a couple of easy-access quick drills in Enquiries.
    • If you’re using sales-i on Android, you’ll notice a brand new search filter in Enquiries that makes it easier and quicker to find the precise information you need.
    • Last but by no means least, you can now export the results of your Inquiries into a number of new formats, including Excel, .csv, and PDF files, whether you’re using an iOS or an Android device!


Update your app today (available on the iOS App Store and  Google Play) to get all of these great new features.


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