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Retention, retention, retention.

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Business is tough, and retaining customers is often even tougher. What with new products being launched, competitors breathing down your neck and your customers tightening their belts.

In our recent ebook, 5 steps to successful selling in a modern world, we highlighted the importance of just that: retention.

There is no excuse for not putting the effort in after you have closed a deal. The sale is great, but it is not the be all and end all. You, and your company’s real success, value and sustained profit will come from retaining that customer, meeting their needs, making sure they are happy and will keep coming back to you. Driving revenue and referrals, retention

Stay tuned for our series of posts in the next week all about customer retention. We’ll give you our top tips for stellar retention, some interesting (and shocking) stats and how you can become more than the product you sell.

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