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Saint-Gobain Building Distribution.

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution uses sales-i to take advantage of and identify new sales opportunities.

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How Saint-Gobain Building Distribution started making smarter sales decisions with sales-i

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution struggled to distribute accurate information amongst their sales team and reps, meaning they weren’t able to make smart decisions about who to sell to, and didn’t have access to the right reports at the right time. 

sales-i offered them:  

- An easy way for sales reps to access all the information
- Fast and up-to-date reports
- Mobile app for sales reps on the road

Accessing the right information when you need it

Peter Baines, Information Manager at International Timber, SGBD says: “Before sales-i, the biggest challenge my team faced was how to distribute accurate information to our people so that they can then make the right decision when needed.

My team would refresh Excel-based reports and email the results to the appropriate individual. This way of working consumed a lot of time and resource, and did not allow managers, salespeople, and others to turn on the information tap at will.”

With a business of this size, it was crucial for Peter Baines and his team to quickly access information that allowed them to progress towards their targets. From a salesperson on the road using the app offline to prepare for a customer meeting, to a manager in the office overseeing all sales performance; the instant data is delivered in quick and easy-to-digest actions that benefit the entire business.

Making smarter sales decisions

Peter explains that because the “sales-i’s SaaS software is hosted in the cloud, my team could access the data they needed anywhere, anytime. This was one of the most beneficial outcomes of choosing sales-i.

“sales-i is unlike anything we’ve used before, the software takes the hard work out of data analysis, turning large data sets into easy to understand results and next steps for managers and reps.”

Peter Baines

“sales-i has enabled us to provide the latest and most accurate information to the right people — and only the right people — 24 hours a day. No matter where my team is, no matter what device they’re using, they can do their jobs effectively, successfully, and instantly.

With sales-i, we have a constant view of our data analytics, meaning we can utilize and measure those insights to clearly identify an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity, or even a potential risk of churn.

As a manager, I can view my revenue and profit streams at ease as they are neatly arranged and simple to find. I can quickly establish top customers and products, and with two taps of the screen, I can understand my customer health and leakage.

Understanding our customers is key to identifying opportunities. To help grow and develop our understanding of customers and to help manage the relationships we have with them, we needed a tool that could instantly deliver customer data to the tips of our fingers. With its CRM offer, sales-i does this so well that I am no longer looking at any other standalone CRM solutions. It answers all of our questions and does exactly what we need as a business.

As a motivated, determined team using sales-i to support our business, I strongly believe that we can identify and take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they arise. Understanding customers, identifying their requirements, and designing our products and services to meet their needs in the future will help us to grow sales, become agile to changing trends and be a market leader.”

“Not only that, but I know we’ll be ahead of our competition – as we have instant access to all of our data insights to make the right move – and we’ll fill any gaps when customer purchasing behavior begins to change. All of a sudden we have our eyes on every part of the business; with in-depth and detailed data insights, we already know so much more than we did yesterday.”

Peter shares that sales-i for Saint-Gobain Building Distribution – Offsite Solutions Division has made it incredibly easy to meet the business's ever-growing hunger for information. We are constantly wanting to learn more, absorb more insights, and have a full scope of what’s happening internally and externally within the business.

To conclude, Peter declares that “sales-i is a great partner to work with; friendly, professional, efficient and experts at what they do. It’s clear how passionate the team at sales-i are and how we are about working with them, all that’s left to say is... thank you for the last 7 years, I look forward to many more to come.”

Who is Saint-Gobain Building Distribution?

The newly formed Off-Site Solution’s division is the coming together of four Saint-Gobain Building Distribution (SGBD) brands.

International Timber, Pasquill, Roofspace Solutions, and ScotFrame working together within the Off-Site solutions division allows the brands to present a unique offering for customers, backed up by the wide range of Saint-Gobain assets available in the UK.

International Timber supplies timber and panel products to a diverse range of industry sectors in the UK.

Pasquill is the largest supplier of trusted rafters in the UK, with an unrivalled national network of design and manufacturing sites. Roofspace is an award-winning provider of off-site products and services to the construction sector.

Last but not least, Scotframe supply award-winning timber frame kits for self-build and commercial home developers across the world. They source only the highest quality sustainable timber and combine cutting edge manufacturing processes, with a professional service to deliver a fully customized product designed for the life you build.

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