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Improving sales data insights for Sales Dynamics customers

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We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Sales Dynamics that will help their customers to improve their sales opportunities. 

It’s a perfect combination for improving sales, with the way that sales-i's award-winning platform brings out the best in your sales team’s data, presenting clear opportunities to keep growing your business. 

“This new partnership gives Sales Dynamic’s customers access to software that leverages data insights. That means they can have a better understanding of where their users are buying or where they’ve stopped buying. Those barriers that often hold sales opportunities back, fall away as they use our software to identify patterns and opportunities.”  - Joe Cox, UK Head of Sales, sales-i.


Talking about why the partnership will benefit their customers, Mark Liversidge, Founder of Sales Dynamics said, “By offering sales-i as part of our software and business solutions, we’re extending the opportunity to add even greater value to businesses and mid-size corporates. Having sales-i added to our portfolio of software tools means a broader, more solutions-focussed result for customers." 

Sales Dynamics & sales-i partnership 

If you’d like to find out more about what Sales Dynamics customers are now discovering, book a demo with our team today. 

About sales-i

Founded in 2008, sales-i is a sales enablement software designed to make every sales call more personal and profitable. sales-i allows sales professionals to clearly identify and target high-quality sales opportunities within their current customer base. Equipped with customer buying behavior alerts, salespeople can make insightful, personalized, quick business decisions, realizing repeat sales, reduced customer attrition and maximized profit margins as a result. sales-i is now used by thousands of businesses worldwide to maximize the intelligence of their sales teams. It is accessible on any device with an internet connection. For more information, please visit: www.sales-i.com.

About Sales Dynamics 

Sales Dynamics help businesses improve their sales through hands-on training and coaching with help developing sales processes that work for your individual business requirements. They deliver their training through working directly with your whole team from management to sales personnel rather than textbook training, so customers learn the skills for themselves, using real-world examples. They are specialists in CRM and contact management systems, with a network of business professionals that can help your business grow. 


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