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sales-i and Perrywell IT Services delivering great sales insights

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Here at sales-i, we’re strong believers in working closely with others to get the most out of your sales data. That can mean full integration or just having our award-winning sales enablement software as one of the options a partner can offer their customers.  

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Perrywell IT services. As one of the Midland’s longest-standing, IT services providers, in Birmingham, Warwickshire, the West Midlands (and beyond) this new partnership means customers have a software solution that gives them access to more strategic decision making about their sales strategy, allowing them to develop deeper, more profitable customer relationships.

“Our partnership offers Perrywell customers a chance to leverage sales-i's data insights so they get a better understanding of what their customers are buying or where they’ve stopped buying. Users will see those barriers to sales opportunities fall away as our software helps them identify patterns and opportunities. We’re looking forward to seeing how Perrywell and sales-i can deliver those opportunities.”  - Joe Cox, UK Head of Sales, sales-i.

“By offering sales-i as part of our suite of IT solutions for customers, we’re extending the opportunity to add even greater value to growing businesses and mid-size corporates."  Simon Edmunds, Sales Manager at Perrywell IT Services.


Perrywell & sales-i partnership

For further information, please visit www.sales-i.com and https://www.perrywell.co.uk/ 

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