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sales-i and Red Cheetah Software forge alliance.

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sales-i has formed a strategic alliance with US-based Red Cheetah Software, the leading eCommerce and wholesaler-enabled provider whose systems connect office product dealers with wholesalers and customers.

This new alliance will benefit office products dealers in the US and UK, offering a powerful combination of intuitive customer relationship management functionality integrated with a comprehensive back-office ordering system to give complete visibility of customer interactions and buying behavior.

Red Cheetah is a private company, led by office industry veterans and technologists who offer a mix of talent to deliver relevant functionality for office dealers to quickly solve problems. Office dealers across the US rely on Red Cheetah’s Office Front V2, an eCommerce and complete wholesaler-enabled ordering system, to support their businesses and to connect them to customers and wholesalers.

“Red carpet customer service combined with reliable support is the key tenet that underpins our business,” commented Andrew Morgan, president and co-founder of Red Cheetah. “So when we form alliances, we carefully select partners with a strong service and value for money ethos and whose support will equal our own.” Andrew continues, “sales-i ticks all the boxes. It is delivered on a SaaS model, the team knows the product very well and the ERP integration was very smooth and painless. This is the experience that we want to offer our customers. Together we present a very strong sales and support proposition to office products companies around the world.”

sales-i is proving a great success across the UK and USA as now more than ever the on-demand software model makes good sense to organizations of all sizes. Paul Black, sales-i’s co-founder explains, “With sales-i, organizations get the power of an enterprise application without the overhead they don’t need and they get this on-demand on a per-user pricing model. Red Cheetah also deploys its software on-demand so there was an immediate synergy between our business models and our approach to customers. With this new alliance, Office Supplies companies across the world can select Office Front V2 and sales-i and enjoy a seamless data transition; benefiting from real-time information into every aspect of their business, enabling them to act with maximum impact.”

About Red Cheetah

Red Cheetah provides online software tools to better connect office supply dealers with customers and wholesalers. Designed by office dealers for office dealers, Red Cheetah is the only software company offering simple, powerful 100% web-based software. Red Cheetah’s software is built for small, mid-size and large dealers.

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