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The internationally renowned inventory optimisation specialist, Slimstock, is partnering with sales enablement software developer, sales i, to help customers harness the benefits of data-driven decision making.

The strategic partnership will mean Slimstock’s customers can benefit from the sales-i platform, which delivers users daily buying insights on their most important client relationships, enabling them to spot trends, deliver better customer service and take advantage of valuable opportunities to increase their bottom line. 

Founded in 1993, Slimstock is Europe’s leading inventory optimisation specialist. Focused on demand forecasting, collaboration and effective inventory management, Slimstock’s supply chain optimisation platform, Slim4, is trusted by over 1000 businesses across the globe. By providing supply chain teams with actionable insights, Slim4 helps businesses to significantly increase product availability while minimising operational cost. 

Commenting on the news, Colin Ward, at Slimstock, highlights:

“Helping customers to reduce waste, optimise operational efficiency and increase their sales through better availability is in our DNA. Therefore, we are excited to be partnering with an organisation that shares these values. sales-i offer a powerful tool for sales enablement. We look forward to helping more and more customers tune in to the benefits of data-driven selling as they prepare for more buoyant economic conditions ahead.”


Joe Cox, UK head of sales at sales-i added:

“When combined together, sales enablement technology and inventory optimisation solutions can deliver powerful benefits for businesses whatever sector they service, so we are delighted to have forged this partnership. Careful inventory management to satisfy highly unpredictable customer demand has been crucial for businesses looking to maximise cashflow throughout the pandemic and with continued uncertainty on the horizon, businesses will be looking to do all they can to keep customers close and take advantage of opportunities to cross and up sell products the moment they arise.”


For further information on the sales-i and Slimstock, visit www.sales-i.com and www.slimstock.com



About Slimstock:

Since 1993, Slimstock has been synonymous with better demand forecasting, effective inventory optimisation and supply chain insight. Our customer base consists of over 1000 companies worldwide, across a diverse range of industries, covering large, medium and small enterprises.

With the combination of our advanced supply chain optimisation platform, Slim4, and our team of dedicated inventory management experts, we help our customers boost availability, reduce supply chain costs and mitigate risk.

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