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sales-i joins HARDI.

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Here at sales-i, our associations with some of the top trade associations and buying groups afford us the perfect opportunity to get to know each of the industries we operate within. Joining HARDI will allow us to further our progress within the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) sector.

As the single voice for the industry, HARDI represents more than 475 distributor members across 4,100 branch locations in North America. HARDI members market, distribute and support heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment and supplies.

An industry built upon exceptional customer service, sales-i is pleased to be joining such a close-knit community of HVAC organizations. HARDI proudly provides invaluable competitive advantage resources to their members and sales-i’s intuitive sales, business and customer intelligence will allow members from across the industry to sell more intelligently and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

Kevin McGirl, President of sales-i adds, “Becoming a part of HARDI is a fantastic opportunity for us to join some of the very best and most respected organizations in the HVAC industry. HARDI is the premier group representing hundreds of organizations and we are excited to introduce sales-i to their members over the coming months. The opportunity that this partnership will afford us as a company is as diverse as they come.”

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