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sales-i launch Document Storage feature.

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sales-i has launched its new Document Storage feature for users of its leading sales enablement solution. Document Storage enables customers to upload word documents, order forms, presentations, images and much more in order to keep accurate, detailed sales records.

Paul Black, CEO of sales-i, says: “Document Storage, introduced in response to customer demand, is designed to further streamline the sales process for sales-i users by providing a single, secure, managed location for sales people to store documents, alongside accessing information about customer buying habits and trends.”

Document Storage affords users the ability to collaborate on projects directly within sales-i, adding notes, referencing any order forms, quotes, presentations and much more; entirely removing the reliance on external storage programs. Salespeople can locate historical records and cross-reference these with current tasks in seconds, thereby simplifying and speeding up the sales process.

Document Storage is the first of a number of innovative product enhancements sales-i has planned for the coming year. In recent months the company has expanded its in-house development team in order to maintain its market leading position and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Black comments:“Our research and development department is a critical part of our success. Since entering the market five years ago, we have gone through three major software upgrades, and we are gearing up to do this again soon.

“Our customer base grown at an incredible rate, extending into new sectors and across multiple territories. That growth has begun to accelerate, and so we are growing our team accordingly in order to continue providing the exceptional speed, functionality and resilience that our existing clients are used to.”

Document Storage is available to all sales-i customers and can be purchased in chunks of 10GBs, and is compatible with all formats up to a maximum size of 5MB per document.

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