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sales-i summer updates are released.

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As another summer comes around, now is a great time to let you know what our development team has been up to lately. They have been working their socks off to push some fantastic new updates to our business intelligence software out the door for all of our users over the past few weeks.

We kick started the warmer months with the release of Document Storage, gaining some fantastic feedback from our customers. Document Storage does exactly what it says on the tin: you can now upload and store up to 10GB of documents, files, order forms, images, quotations, presentations and much more straight into sales-i.

Up next, we launched the Prospect Importer. This is the perfect way to add big lists of fresh prospects straight into our business intelligence software. So if you’ve been at a trade show for a few days, been actively prospecting, cold calling or even if you’ve managed to source a good list from social media, you can add these directly into sales-i in a few easy clicks.

The Snapshot module has also had an update with the ability to build bespoke snapshots for any of your existing analysis fields in sales-i, such as sales rep, branch, buying group or customer group and the like.

Tim Hall-Woodcock is our CTO and oversees the entire development team here at sales-i. “These new features really make sales-i stand out in the market and the team is continuing to deliver a top quality product that provides fantastic value to our customers. Document Storage in particular was developed in direct response to customer demand and is a real differentiator for us,” he says.

We’ve got plenty more lined up for the summer including an update to both of our mobile apps so stay tuned for more exciting news in the next few weeks.

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