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sales-i teams up with Merlin Business Software.

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sales-i relaunch partnership with Merlin business software to deliver turbo-charged sales insights to merchants, stockists, distributors and wholesalers.  

Sales enablement software provider, sales-i, has announced a strategic partnership with Merlin who produce software modules specifically designed for merchants, stockists, distributors and wholesalers.

Merlin integration can now provide users with an unrivalled sales enablement tool to aid them in managing their customer accounts, encouraging key purchasing behaviours and driving considered customer interactions through sales-i’s software.

Maximising customer interaction and protecting market share is more important than ever. Integrating sales-i into your company workflow will enable accurate, data-driven decisions for your teams, whether you're maintaining new sales revenues or looking to add fresh offers to a long-term client.

Commenting on the partnership, Nigel Mallender, Head of Sales & Marketing at Merlin said: “Merlin’s work with sales-i goes back a number of years, though given the current climate and our clients’ requirement for on-the-go access to next-level sales intelligence, now seems the right time to re-launch our partnership.

"Whether office-based or in the field, sales-i is an excellent tool for providing our customers with another layer to their Merlin Software with additional customer buying behaviour information, empowering their sales professional to make better more-informed decisions, reducing customer slippage and delivering sales insights at the touch of a button to make a real difference to the bottom line."

"sales-i can be run remotely from a mobile device, is provided at a competitive monthly price, and integrates seamlessly with a client’s Merlin Software; furthermore, it can work side by side with Merlin’s SOP/CRM App too. " - Nigel Mallender, Head of Sales & Marketing at Merlin.


"Merlin look forward to continuing our association with sales-i and we’d encourage any company, particularly those with a field sales team, looking to unhook additional opportunities in their data to consider evaluating sales-i.” 

Joe Cox, UK Head of Sales at sales-i, added: “At sales-i we’re always exploring ways to remove business challenges for our users and help them to deliver better sales. One of the strengths of our software is the opportunity to integrate with others. We enjoy seeing sales-i work for our partners, removing barriers to delivering improved sales opportunities. With the relaunch of our partnership, we’re looking forward to seeing how Merlin and sales-i can deliver those opportunities.”




Merlin Business Software is a fully integrated software solution for all your business processes. They offer a carefully selected range of core modules specifically designed for merchants, stockists, distributors and wholesalers.  

Their modular solution means you only have to use the modules that you need for your business. Written in-house, Merlin can make changes to their software to suit your needs and offer you the solution that best fits your needs.  

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