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sales-i to attend ISSA/Interclean 2013.

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sales-i will present an enhanced version of its industry-leading business intelligence SaaS solution to visitors at ISSA/Interclean 2013. The new software upgrade includes a feature called Campaign Manager as well as new Android and updated iOS platforms.

sales-i’s SaaS business intelligence solution is designed to ease the job of the salesperson by streamlining the selling process. The Campaign Manager feature helps sales and marketing teams create bespoke campaigns in order to accurately target customers and prospects. By drawing links between product lines, it can proactively alert sales people to new and upcoming selling opportunities.

“It’s a brilliant feature,” says Kevin McGirl, co-founder of sales-i. “You can ask it to identify prospects that have purchased, say, waste containers in the last 30 days but not liners for those containers. The software will return a list of warm prospects in seconds, enabling the sales team to implement a truly targeted marketing campaign.”

Campaign Manager, alongside the solution’s new Android and updated iOS mobile applications, places sales-i in a league of its own. Very few business intelligence providers offer users the same level of mobile functionality, despite the importance of real-time sales data for aiding the mobile sales force. Further updates to sales-i’s mobile software are planned to take into account the release of iOS7.

Driven by the demands of sales personnel for efficient and more successful ways of targeting prospects, the business intelligence solution was created to take the guesswork out of selling and to simplify the process of data collection and analysis. The success of the solution is something that existing customers such as Kelsan can attest to. Since introducing sales-i, the Knoxville-based company has used it to gather invaluable business performance data for the management team, and has set it to generate alerts identifying if and when accounts begin to slip.

“We are delighted to present the latest version of our sales-i solution to visitors at the largest and best-regarded cleaning exhibition in Northern America,” comments McGirl. “Since launching in 2008 we have been overwhelmed by how positively the solution has been received, both here in the USA and in the UK. We feel proud every time our customers feed back to say how much the solution has changed their businesses.”

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