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sales-i at 2013 NETWORK Supplier Trade Show.

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sales-i is excited to announce that we will be heading to the warmer climes of Kissimmee, FL for the 2013 NETWORK Supplier Trade Show from April 21 through 24. Hosted by Network Services and representing the very best in the distribution sector, the annual trade show is an important event on the industry calendar.

As a member-owned organization, Network Services unites more than 75 best-in-class distributors with a combined revenue of over $13 billion. These distributors all share a common vision to reduce the supply chain costs of their customers and ultimately improve the service levels they provide.

sales-i is based entirely on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and, using our state of the art technologies, sales-i brings distributors the information they need to make better informed business decisions.

The Network Trade show will see the unveiling of the native Android app from sales-i, taking the already mobile system to a whole new level. Stop by the booth (#408) for an exclusive preview!

Throughout the show, we will be showcasing all the latest exciting developments from sales-i, including the Sell & Retain Automated Marketing Program and Campaign Manager. These innovative developments stand to take sales-i, the already intuitive business, sales and customer intelligence tool to a whole new level.

We will also be hosting live demonstrations of sales-i on the booth and the team will be on hand to answer any burning questions.

Following a recommendation from Network Services, leading California based janitorial, paper and chemical supplier, JC Paper has implemented sales-i to cement their leading position in a highly competitive industry. “The knowledge we have garnered from using the system has allowed us to understand our customer’s needs far better then we ever could before,” says Michael Clarke, President at JC Paper.

“The 2013 Network Services Trade show is a great opportunity for us to meet many of our customers and some new members of the growing Network Services family. We are looking forward to sharing our latest innovations and we are extremely proud to be attending this year’s show,” says Kevin McGirl, President of sales-i.

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