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Selling through a screen – 10 video sales call tips.

With these 10 video sales call tips, you will discover how to successfully pitch to prospects through a screen.

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Being able to pull off an effective video sales call is now a necessity, but it’s not always easy. From technical glitches to holding an engaging conversation, there’s a lot to think about from behind the screen. However, selling via video calls is now the new normal, allowing you to demo products and close deals from your mobile, desktop, or conference room, therefore it’s essential to get it right and with these 10 video sales call tips, you will discover how to successfully pitch to prospects through a screen.

More powerful than a phone call, video not only provides you with the benefits of a face-to-face meeting but is flexible and scalable, giving any sales representative the advantage of pitching to a larger audience at a time that is suitable for all attendees. It can actually be easier to get all the key decision-makers to participate in a video call from their remote locations as opposed to physically getting them all in one room. 

But, with everything from body language, lighting, set-up and distractions – on top of delivering a powerful pitch that sells! – it’s not always easy to know where to start with video conferences. At sales-i, we’re somewhat experts at video calls and demonstrate our product through screen share functionalities to give our prospects a first-hand experience of how powerful the system is, as well as keeping an engaging and informative conversation alive. With this knowledge, our sales managers and representatives have contributed their top video sales call tips for impactful video sales meetings that achieve success: 

How to sell over video.

Before – The Mechanics. 

No notification zones.

Before you’re able to jump into your pitch and get the conversation rolling, you need to ensure that all attendees are present and focused – which starts with you! Remove any potential distractions, such as phones or tablets; if you’re working from home then an empty quiet room is essential, with no pets, children, TV or other background noise. Also switch off all other platforms so there are no beeps, buzzes or pings in the background. 

Buttons mean business.

Whether you’re away from the office or at your desk, you’ll want to dress for your video meeting the same way you would in a face-to-face professional business setting – buttons mean business.

Present and focused.

Ahead of your call, you should ask all attendees to enter their full name when they log in, as well as activating their video camera. This not only gives you a stronger connection to your audience – by allowing you to address them by their name – but it also ensures that both you and your sales prospects are actually present in the conversation and not off making a coffee half-way through your pitch.

Virtual backgrounds.

Depending on your surrounding space, a virtual background might either create a professional appearance or bring a fun element to the meeting, which can easily break the ice and get the conversation started. Whether it’s a snapshot of your headquarters, your prospects headquarters, or even a city skyline that you’re using to disguise a dark space or your unfinished spare room, if it does the job, then it works. But, remember to keep it professional, clear and glitch-free, you don’t want it to cause distractions as you speak with motion.


Too dark and your participants won’t be able to see you, too bright and you’ll look like a ghostly version of your true self. So, before you start the call make sure you are well lit, desk lamp can help light your face in a complementary way and background lighting will tone down that contrast. Remember, you don’t want to look like you live in a cave! 

Check, and check again.

You’re on mute must be the phrase of the year and still so easily done. So, double-check all attendees can see and hear you properly and are not experiencing any technical issues before pressing RECORD or starting your meeting.


During – The Sales Pitch. 

Don’t hide being a shared screen.

It’s important to remember that a video sales pitch isn’t a PowerPoint call, the technology should be used to first and foremost give you a chance to form a connection with the persons on the other end of the video stream. Avoid hiding behind a shared screen and relying on your thumbnail image in a corner of the screen to keep your prospects engaged, as you’ll be missing out on a huge opportunity to build a strong relationship and achieve your desired outcome.

Human element.

Video is a great way to deliver content, it lets you tell a story with visuals, imagery words and demonstrations. A good story can persuade and encourage people to think differently about the message, or what is being communicated. Talking about what you know best – your company and what you’re offering – with purpose will portray both your personality and expertise. However, viewers can tell if you’re looking at a script, or being overly scripted, which can ruin that human element you’ve been working hard to achieve.

Be structured.

Unlike face-to-face meetings, participants can get distracted and lose focus easily. Make your sales calls succinct, compelling and engaging for everyone. Ask them open-ended questions by directing it personally to a specific individual – keep them focused and interacting. Make sure you involve as many people as you can on the call.  Have a real conversation with energy and entertainment, this isn’t a one-way lecture. Visuals can help you communicate your ideas, products and services easily and add value to your pitch. Don’t just rely on slides of charts and numbers either, you need to add some personality into your meeting where appropriate. Continue to pass the ball back to the prospect or customer to allow them to ask questions, clarify and even object to get that dialogue opened. 

Another tip is rather than working your way towards your key message, open with it at the start of the meeting. Having this big impact at the outset will capture the interest of the audience and also means you’ve reached the greatest number of people, aparticipation can drop during the call for many reasons.


After – Reflect and action. 

Follow up.

After the meeting, be sure to follow up quickly and thoroughly to any questions or discussions that came up, especially regarding new technological tools necessary to conduct business. You’ll want to also include a link to the recording of the meeting by copying it from the ‘Recordings’ section of your video platform account. This is a good way for both you and your prospects to revisit valuable instructions and discussions, or for decisionmakers to watch it if they were unable to attend live. However, do not allow this feature to become a substitute for live attendance, as it’s far more effective and impactful to have all candidates present from the very first stages. Before sending your follow-up email, thank them for their time and recap on the meeting summary and confirmed actions. And most importantly, remember to action the things you promised in your video call!

Face-to-face meetings have been the best option for building rapport, making the pitch and closing deals. However, in today’s climatemeeting face-to-face isn’t always feasible, and it’s not just COVID influencing these changes. With sales professionals now covering larger territories than ever, scheduling has become more complicated, and getting budget approval for travel costs is tougher, too – meaning video will only become more valuable. Thankfully, improvements in video conferencing technology and broader access to high performing platforms means that presenting pitches and client meetings via video are not only a viable option but actually have added benefits. With these 10 video sales call tips – including before, during and after a video meeting – you will be able to make your meeting memorable, engaging and insightful. Simply adopt these selling techniques from sales-i experts and discover how to make your video pitches a success.

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