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Sybron UK.

Sybron UK uses sales-i to support their clients with the reports they need to monitor business activity.

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How Sybron UK retained £300,000 in revenue in 2020 with the help of sales-i

Sybron UK was relying on a system that didn’t thoroughly support their business requirements and knew they needed more customizable and advanced software to elevate their processes

sales-i helped them:  

- Streamline their sales team's work
- Easily generate up-to-date reports
- More time away from reporting and more time to sell

A reduction in productivity

George Mason, Head of Business Development at Sybron UK, shares that “we used to use the reporting software provided through our back-office system, which was very basic and didn’t give us the ability to customize reports to suit each requirement. Not only this, but the reports were quite difficult to understand and even more difficult to analyze.”

As a result, the overall business performance suffered, and they struggled to deliver their usual high standards of service. George added that “the issues we experienced caused a reduction in productivity and efficiency in the way we ran reports for our customers.”

Better reporting system means more time to sell

George shared that he was searching for a flexible and easy-to-use system that his teams could implement effortlessly.

“We were introduced to sales-i from another contact that was already using the system. They highly recommended it and we knew we needed to explore our options. We’re grateful that we did because sales-i gave us a very simple but detailed method for reporting on our business activity.”

“It also gave us a very user-friendly and easy platform, which we didn’t have access to before. Most importantly, however, it gave us the flexibility to customize reports to suit our needs as a business; which is essential for our growth.”

George Mason

“Sybron UK now has a smoother and more streamlined way of working, with faster processes that are supported by up-to-date and accurate data and reports.

“sales-i has saved us hours of time and significantly increased our results from effective reporting. To give an estimate, sales-i has given us an additional 48 hours of precious time each week by eliminating the lengthy process of price reviews and customer analysis.

As well as time, the powerful sales-i reporting has been essential in helping us retain over £300,000 in revenue in 2020.”

George continues by sharing that the business’ most used feature within sales-i is Enquiries, as it supports their analysis for business activity and guarantees that they are heading in the direction they want to go.

“We use the tool to monitor our business performance on a daily basis. It has become an essential part of our jobs to ensure we are always increasing our sales, growth, and profit, and meeting our business objectives.”

Sybron UK is looking to introduce new users to sales-i, to boost productivity across all areas of the business. They’re always experimenting with different ways of using the system to find the most effective method of working.

George concludes by adding “we are hoping to roll the platform out to our expanding team of field-based and internal sales team, utilizing it as a CRM system, as well as enrolling on physical training sessions to help us understand how we can best use the software to grow our business.”

Who is Sybron UK?

Headquartered in Essex, England, Sybron UK have been distributing cleaning and catering supplies to businesses all around the UK for over 17 years. As a national distributor specialising in supplying high-quality materials, hygiene disposables and catering products they serve several key market sectors, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, care homes and contract caterers.

With customers at the heart of this company, Sybron UK only stock innovative and environmentally conscious products that are recognised, valued and trusted within the industry, including InnuScience, Diversey, Ecolab, BPO, Numatic and Katrin to name a few.

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