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The Extra Mile: What we are doing to support our customers. 

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The Extra Mile: What we are doing to support our customers 

Right now, every member of the sales-i family is working harder than ever to help every customer come out of this turbulent period stronger. Unlike many organizations, we don’t want to reassure you that it’s business as usual, because it isn’t. Nothing about this is usual and that is why we aren’t maintaining; we are going the extra mile to serve our users.  

We know that the software and specialist support we offer has the power to help businesses build their sales pipeline, qualify prospects and uncover valuable insights that will be crucial when the economy begins to ramp up once more. 

We want to share with you a situation report to detail all of the amazing efforts being put in across all of sales-i, with the primary focus being what our customers need right now to #WorkSmart. 

We are making strides to assist our users in digging deeper into their data for insights and opportunities through a range of free assets, regular communications, and more. 


Daily webinars 

With 1000s of sign-ups – and counting – it seems you are excited about the free webinars too! Check out the latest topics available here.


Inspiring and helpful articles 

Our specialists from across the business have given deep thought to what advice they could offer to customers during this time.  

With over ten pieces now winging their way across social channels, email and personal contacts, we thought we had linked two of our favorites. But you can visit the sales-i blog to find all of the articles.

  1. Your Salespeople are Working from Home – Give Them the Sales Tools to do it Right.  
  2. Remaining a team during social distancing 


Onboarding & Support 

We haven’t skipped a beat when it comes to welcoming new customers aboard. Our internal teams have scaled up communications, driving future users to pre-prepared content and webinar training while we remain on lockdown. 

It is important now more than ever that we reach out, listen and respond to our customers concerns quickly The teams hard work has resulted in an increase in customer contacts by 82%.” Maria Harrison, sales-i Delivery Manager. 

Equally, our support team continues to field your calls and emails, assisting customers with any issues and providing additional advice on how to use sales-i to achieve more, where possible.  

Since the lockdown, sales-i user numbers have held at regular levels, yet the team has managed to decrease support response times by an impressive 35% with an overall increase in logged calls. 


New online courses coming soon 

Plus, our training team and learning specialists have crafted content especially helpful for all of us working from home. 

The two new courses are targeted both for the salesperson and their sales managers. 

Both will review how to use sales-i to keep your value and productivity high when working from home, including how to structure your day using sales-i’s MyCalls, how to use this available time to do some sales-i ‘housekeeping’ and how to proactively delve into your customer sales data to identify sales opportunities.   

The sales managers will also master the skills of reporting on your team’s productivity and sales-i usage, maintaining your existing campaigns for maximum impact, and implementing our advice on ways to keep up team engagement with the system.   

You will be able to access these courses soon via the brand-new sales-i Academy found on our comprehensive Knowledge Hub.   

Stay safe, everyone. Keep positive and #SellSmart. 

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