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Tools of the Trade.

Tools of the Trade are using sales-i’s mobile app to get the data they need whilst out on the road.

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Tools of the Trade offer a wide range of professional, trade-quality hand tools, power tool accessories, tool storage, and personal protective equipment in Europe and the USA.

  • 6 sales-i users
  • 2,500+ products
  • 19 brands



The Overview.

Established in 1989 by Founder and Chairman Peter Grummitt; Tools of the Trade Limited partners with some of the leading tool manufacturers across Europe and the USA. They share the passion of the brands they work with and their products – many of which work exclusively with Tools of the Trade as their chosen UK distributor.

Tools of the Trade offers a wide range of professional, trade-quality hand tools, power tool accessories, tool storage, and personal protective equipment, with over 2,500 products stocked in the UK. Their products are manufactured and certified to stringent international standards, backed by manufacturer guarantees.

Based in Worcester, the heart of the UK, Tools of the Trade aim to be the distributor of choice for high quality branded tools selected for use within professional trades. Their commitment to delivering on their promises is proven by their impressive 99% ONIF (on time and in full) service level.

The Challenge.

We asked Tools of the Trade’s Sales Director, Belinda Walton, what challenges sales-i was employed to tackle. She noted that there were two main issues that, if solved, would have a positive impact on the productivity of her team and increase the quality of service they can offer their end users. The first, access to data in the field and the second, the ability to share that information with their customers without manually creating reports.

Belinda Walton continued, “It was important for us that the field sales team were able to access all of the required information they would need, but also for the system to be flexible enough to allow some of the more sensitive data to be excluded from customer-facing reports.”


The Solution.

With a comprehensive mobile app providing access to the sales-i system on iOS and Android devices, Tools of the Trade could immediately see the benefits of implementing sales-i to bridge the data gap between their in-house staff and field sales agents. Furthermore, sales-i’s ‘customer mode’ allows for instant sharing of data with customers whilst ensuring a foolproof way to protect any sensitive data, such as sales margins, from being shared in error with end users.

When asked about the impact sales-i has had on the main pain points her team was experiencing Belinda Walton responded that sales-i had solved, “All of the above and more.”

"It is very rare, I find, that you come across a business that truly delivers not only a functional, reliable and incredibly interactive system, but is supported by exceptional customer service and support. I cannot fault the team at sales-i."


Belinda Walton, Sales Director


The Results.

Now that the team at Tools of the Trade have sales-i’s data insights at their fingertips, each salesperson is better informed and prepared for every eventuality.

Plus, they can get their admin tasks done in-between meetings making CRM data more reliable and saving valuable time when they return home or the office. Belinda Walton summed this up by saying, ”Pre and post-call notes, opportunities, and contacts are very simple to update. sales-i is very efficient.”

Belinda Walton continued, “sales-i is so user-friendly” that even the less tech-savvy team members had no resistance to using the system in their everyday tasks. Furthermore, the levels of access established by their Power User enabled the team to “be confident that they cannot “break” anything.”

Tools of the Trade are also taking advantage of sales-i’s simple reporting features, “It allows for plenty of flexibility on how you want to look at your numbers, track targets, and analyse the data.”  This means the reports they need are available, quickly, where ever and whenever they need them.

The Future.

6 years after initial implementation. Tools of the Trade remain dedicated to using sales-i.

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