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Vocation Brewery.

How Vocation Brewery sold more products efficiently with sales-i.  

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Vocation Brewery is one of the UK's leading craft breweries, known for their innovative beers that push the boundaries of flavor. 


Vocation Brewery has established a strong reputation in the UK craft beer industry for their dedication to delivering innovative and flavorful beers. Founded in 2015, this brewery has a clear mission to brew beers to the highest standards and make them accessible to all beer lovers. While their best-selling beer is a classic IPA, Vocation Brewery is not limited to a specific style. They pride themselves on their ability to brew everything from barrel-aged stouts to crisp lagers. 

The Challenge. 

However, given their success, they still lacked the ability to use their sales data to guide team activity as a business. Plus, inefficient reporting and an outdated back-office system made it challenging to streamline processes and collaborate effectively.  

John Hadingham, former Vocation Brewery's Sales Director, knew things needed to change. When he initially met with sales-i, he told us a familiar story that the sales team could work far more effectively if they had direct access to sales data and they could easily query this data.

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The Solution. 

After successfully implementing sales-i, John and his team saw considerable changes. Now that the Sales team had real-time data, they could better understand their customer spending history, product trends and missed sales opportunities became evident.

The sales-i platform soon became one of the Sales team's core tools. It also saved them considerable time by removing the need to input and analyse data manually. John Morrisey has recently taken over as Head of On Trade and is working closely with sales-i to develop the right tools to drive performance. 

Vocation Brewery - Johns quote

The Results. 

sales-i has enabled John's team to sell more products by giving them a better understanding of their products and helping them to shift their focus from specials to their core product range. The sales intelligence software has helped them prepare for every meeting and interaction with their accounts with MyCalls. Enquiries help them understand how they are performing on products before meeting any customers at any level.  

The Future. 

With sales-i's automated customer reporting, John and his team have removed much time spent preparing reports. They are now better equipped for meetings, and the team's productivity and efficiency have improved significantly.

With this additional time, John's team is better prepared and can make decisions based on real-time data insights. Vocation Brewery continues to invest in quality and creativity across the whole business; sales-i's easily accessible and streamlined reporting system will continue to support its growth and innovation.   

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