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Our customer testimonials.

What do our customers think about using sales-i?

What has been the impact of sales-i on our customers' business?

To quickly understand the positive impacts of sales-i on manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers around the world, take a look at these bitesize testimonials.

Our customers have shared their experience with our sales solution to demonstrate the value it has brought to their business, and how it could influence yours too. 

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'sales-i gives us brilliant visibility of our customer buying patterns and GP. The ability to quickly drill down into further information by customer or by product is powerful. The system is simple but effective. Any business with repeat-order customers couldn’t fail to benefit from using sales-i.'

Neil Trevvett
Clad Safety

'I can’t imagine doing business without sales-i now and we have a focused approach to what we are doing. sales-i has really helped us as a company.'

Christian Cardo
Sales Manager at FRID + Russell

'sales-i has been a game-changer for the Gold Eagle sales, customer advocacy, and executive management team. The amount of time spent creating reports for the revenue team has all but disappeared and new sales personnel will no longer be trained in our ERP system. sales-i is the first and only stop for data and account analysis.'

Mark Bozich
Vice President of Private Brands at Gold Eagle

'sales-i is a great tool. It’s simple to use, powerful and totally scalable to our business. sales-i has provided invaluable insight, empowering decision makers to make better choices, faster.'

Peter Baines
Information Manager at International Timber

'Shortly after switching on sales-i, one of our field sales team identified a customer that had not bought from us in 2 years. Within a few days, he had taken an order and re-awoken it as a live account! This is having a really positive impact upon sales performance and morale.'

Geoff Winstanley
National Account Manager at RoDO

'sales-i provided the best functionality at the best cost and is the best sales intelligence solution for C.H. Hanson.'

Phil Hanson
Executive Vice President at C.H. Hanson

'sales-i is the ultimate sales solution for us. It is unbelievably simple and analyzes our sales data with minimal input from us.'

James Tongue
Sales Manager at Global Brands

'I'm really pleased with sales-i and I'm glad we made the investment. I would definitely recommend any organization to take a look at sales-i.'

Clay Dibble
VP Sales & Marketing at Imperial Dade

'We now have a best-in-class reporting tool at our fingertips. sales-i is a game changer that easily pays for itself, not to mention the pricing is very fair. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.'

Ryan Puccinelli
President at IQ Total Source

'We’ve closed off the financial year 58% up on the previous year and attribute this directly to sales-i and their sales performance software.'

Larry Sexton
Director of Sales at Office 360º

'Before sales-i we had a very poor sales management process in place. It is a very good working tool, and one of the best technology investments you can make.'

Donnie Eatherly
President at P&E Distributors

'One of my team is a 60+ year old sales veteran and easily exceeded his sales target by 120%.'

Rob St Barbe
Sales Director at Saint Gobain

'Identifying which customers had stopped buying from us and identifying where customers had stopped buying just a few of the products they took from us was a regular problem, not without spending hours digging into our customers’ history.'

Matt Trigwell

'It is very rare, I find, that you come across a business that truly delivers not only a functional, reliable and incredibly interactive system, but is supported by exceptional customer service and support. I cannot fault the team at sales-i and have to thank them for going above and beyond when we implemented the new system. I would absolutely recommend this business, we have been with them for almost 6 years and I cannot see that changing.'

Belinda Walton
Sales Director at Tools of the Trade

'sales-i has been a godsend for Papé Kenworth during this challenging time. It has allowed us to understand how our customer’s buying habits have changed recently and where we have growth opportunities.'

Dan Hertel
Director of Product Support

'One of my team is a 60+ year old sales veteran and easily exceeded his sales target by 120%.'

Rob St Barbe
Sales Director at Saint Gobain

'sales-ai provides closable opportunities that we would have never been able to identity easily in such a short timeframe. Having them accessible via Opportunities make the process seamless.'

VP Sales
Automotive aftermarket

'Implementing Salesforce was a massive undertaking for our organization, but with the addition of sales-ai it takes it to another level and further increases the levels of return. '

Construction supplies

'One of the obstacles we face with Salesforce is the lack of visibility into the white space that exists in our customer base. sales-ai has really helped us to address this and identify those opportunities.'

Sales Director
Medical supplies

'Clear explanations throughout and provided tailored examples to the business rather than just general approaches. Also clearly explained how things worked and allowed me to ask questions and have that open dialogue to round of my knowledge rather than just going this is how this works etc.'

Jack Marshall
Hispec Electrical Products about sales-i Training

'sales-i is an excellent cloud based tool that has proved to be a vital part of managing customers in our consumables business. The fact that it is cloud based, means it can be used anywhere including in front of customers often giving them a greater insight into their first aid category than would otherwise be possible.'

Reuben Gilmore
External Account Manager at Aero Healthcare

'sales-i Campaign Manager saves us hours when keeping in contact with customers. We use it to create intelligent, targeted call lists for our sales guys, enabling them to be proactive and more efficient. So often sales guys are busy, but not always on what is making them effective.'

Steve Bradshaw
Director at ATE

'I made a couple of face to face customer calls after drilling down into two of our customers’ buying habits, I made a presentation and left with sales worth over $8,500! We are making more sales and business is going from strength to strength.'

Shelly Miller
Director of Sales Development at Auto-Wares

'Every interaction with sales-i's customer support team has been both pleasant and professional. I couldn’t be happier with the customer support, and wish all our software support was this excellent!'

Pamela Kite
Sales Administrator at A&W Supply

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