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ERP integrations

Integrate your ERP software & email systems with sales-i.

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ERP Software Solutions

Integrating with your ERP

ERP software is what powers sales-i.

It takes all of your accounting data and customer data and pulls it all together in one place, where you can easily read and understand your data.

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What are the benefits of ERP integration?

There are many different benefits to having a fully integrated ERP system & having a single source of information comes with lots of benefits too.

See real-time data quickly and easily

See real-time data quickly and easily

Our ERP solutions allow you to see real-time sales data quickly, without digging through lots of different spreadsheets.

You’ll also be able to access your data on the go too with the handy app, meaning even if your sales reps are on the road a lot, they’ll still have access to everything they need at the tap of a button.

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Email Integration-1

Email Integration

Discover fast, simple, and straightforward email integration.

Automatically sync your Microsoft Exchange contacts, email, and calendar with sales-i, so you’ll be able to easily manage and plan your schedule all in one place.

You’ll also be able to view and edit your contacts, emails, and appointments in both Microsoft Exchange and sales-i.

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Which ERP systems can sales-i integrate with?

We can work with a wide range of ERP systems, and if you don’t find your current provider below, don’t worry – just give us a call or an email and we’re happy to look into it for you.

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Want to know how sales-i can integrate with your ERP & email systems?

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