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Merlin ERP integration.

Combine your Merlin data with sales-i.

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Mobile sales enablement.

About Merlin ERP Integration.

Merlin Business Software is one of few independent companies that can provide a total Enterprise Resource Planning solution for all areas of a customer’s business computer requirements.

They offer everything from stock management and order processing to financial management and purchase order processing software.

Get the most out of your Merlin data.

Merlin need not be confined solely to your finance department.

There are sales opportunities just sitting there waiting to be found. Luckily sales-i is the tool to do just that.

Combine your Merlin data with sales-i and we’ll give you information that your sales team can action to improve your sales performance.

Graham Bourton, Managing Director at United UK

"sales-i can be run remotely from a mobile device, is provided at a competitive monthly price, and integrates seamlessly with a client’s Merlin Software; furthermore, it can work side by side with Merlin’s SOP/CRM App too.”

Nigel Mallender
Head of Sales & Marketing at Merlin

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