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Electrical sales enablement solutions

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Shine the light on your customer insights & buying behavior with a sales enablement software designed for you.

Powerful customer insights

Be confident that you will never miss valuable opportunities again with an integrated CRM system that records everything from customer interactions to tasks to complete. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into a profitable conversation.

Make smarter decisions

Based on accurate and valuable data, you’re able to make faster, better-informed and more confident decisions that improve sales production, performance and margins through the business.

Track and manage trends

Get alerts when your customer purchasing behavior drops, changes or stops altogether, helping you to spot a leaking customer and prevent the risk of churn before it’s too late.

Streamlined, efficient and productive operations.

Streamlined, efficient and productive operations.

With the support of sales-i – a sales technology designed for electrical businesses – you can improve communication, collaboration and customer experience all in one place.

With sales-i, you can automate time-consuming processes that often take you and your team hours of precious time to complete; whether that’s searching for a specific customer account and investigating their purchasing patterns, or identifying which products are being bought without their complimentary item.

Instant data at the touch of a button.

Instant data at the touch of a button.

Experience an immediate increase in the speed of processing data, whether that’s to investigate customer health and buying behaviors, to analyzing revenue and finding new gaps of up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.

Having real-time data that you can action instantly means you are always confident ahead of your meetings and one step ahead of the competition and can lead conversations with your customers.

With sales-i, you can access up-to-date information in real-time through your ERP, CRM and e-commerce platform to gain greater visibility into your electrical business operations. Having these insights enables you to confidently adapt to changing demands as they’re happening.

Chris Horobin, Sales Director at Alert Electrical

"We are using sales-i as our central information system within the company."

Chris Horobin
Sales Director at Alert Electrical

Never miss a cross-sell opportunity.

Never miss a cross-sell opportunity.

Access every cross-sell and up-sell opportunity within an instant and make actionable, insightful business decisions that will grow your sales and contribute to your bottom line.

Inside sales-i is the Campaigns feature, which enables you to quickly identify which customers have or have not purchased your electrical products in a certain period and pulls together a list of accounts that you can respond to.

From here, you can take this opportunity to contact your customers that have purchased ‘A’ but not ‘B’ and investigate their reasoning further. sales-i is designed to help your salespeople sell with confidence, safe in the knowledge of customer information and product performance to determine their next move.

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