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Office sales enablement & CRM solutions

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Introduce a sales solution that gets results & draws a line under unproductive sales teams and unsuccessful customer meetings.

Increase your profits

Transform the conversion rates of your sales calls with instant insight to valuable up-sell and cross-selling opportunities. Grow your bottom line in a few simple clicks.

Powerful customer insights

Be confident that you will never miss valuable sales opportunity again with an Integrated CRM System that records everything from customer interactions to tasks to complete. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into conversations that count.

Get reports instantly

sales-i is designed to help your salespeople sell with confidence, safe in the knowledge of detailed sales reports that are filled with accurate sales analytics formatted in a neat and professional presentation that can be shared throughout the business and with your customers.

Get powerful insights; anywhere, anytime.

Get full visibility.

From supplying everything from office furniture to essential stationery items, it can be easy to lose track of product performance and be up to date on exactly what and when your customers are purchasing from you.

With sales-i, a sales software specifically designed for office business, you can get a full overview of each individual product and quickly investigate which customers are buying and which are not, giving you clear visibility into the sales performance. You can also monitor your sales team's performance and get full visibility to remain confident of their productivity levels.

  • Get instant visibility of your products, customers, and sales reps and monitor their daily activity or performance
  • Create sales reports in seconds for every account to instantly analyze customer buying behavior
  • Use targeted campaigns to coach sales reps on high volume and highly profitable products on every sales call
Maximise your existing customer base.

Maximise your existing customer base.

When using sales-i you can identify customers that are not maximizing their potential, which you’re able to then take advantage of with unmissable cross-selling opportunities.

Target the accounts that contribute less than 30% of your revenue and offer a tailored and personalized product promotion that they will engage with. 

For example, if you identify a customer who is currently only purchasing high-quality paper each month, you could offer a deal on ink cartridges or toner, or postage supplies such as labels, stamps, envelopes and mailing bags.

Graham Bourton, Managing Director at United UK

“From a customer retention and product penetration standpoint, sales-i has really helped us as a company. We now have a focused approach to what we are doing and everyone is looking at the same data.”

Christian Cardo
Sales Manager at FRID + Russell

Get powerful insights; anywhere, anytime.

Get powerful insights; anywhere, anytime.

When your sales teams are out on the road, it’s often typical that they will spend hours – or even days – preparing for their customer meetings, collating reports and piling it together in a presentation; which is often out of date by the time the meeting begins.

But, with sales-i, your team can access customer data even just seconds before they enter a meeting and guarantee that it is the most accurate version to date. From here, they can make a few clicks and format this information in a branded, professional and easy-to-read presentation that they can instantly share, edit and customize. sales-i does the hard work for you so your reps can stay confident
throughout any sales meeting.

With no signal requirement, your sales reps can stay confident anywhere, at any time. They don’t need an internet connection, strong signal or to be sat in the office.

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