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Sales enablement solutions designed for marketers.


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Customer insights available immediately to action.

Customer insights
available immediately to action.

Identify new opportunities and potential within your existing customer base.

sales-i enables you to create more purposeful marketing campaigns with more confidence than ever before ensuring you hit ROI targets and your sales team is fed sales-ready opportunities daily.

Improve customer insights.

Improve customer insights.

The customer insight software sales-i offers is priceless to all marketers who aim to boost company performance through a well-focused strategy.

Combining customer and financial data, you’ll get visibility of sales patterns and trends, removing the typical ‘scattergun’ approach and allowing for precise, targeted marketing.

  • Build fact-based campaigns
  • Run promotions to a segment of your target audience
  • Know which customers you need to focus your efforts on
James York, Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack

"Using the reporting suite on sales-i is not only quick and easy to use, but the data we can extract is vital to how we operate. By running the reports, we can use the data to form a list of customers to contact about a particular product or range."

James York
Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack

Create reports in seconds.

Create reports in seconds.

sales-i also offers integrated sales reporting software, providing all the information you need in one place. This means there’s no need to jump from program to program or report to report ever again.

In fact, there isn’t even any need to write sales reports; sales-i’s Snapshot allows you to create detailed sales reports in seconds, saving you hours of work every week.

  • Create and view reports wherever you are
  • Get instant customer insight and see how your promotions are performing
  • View CRM and transactional data from one system
Identify trends in seconds.

Identify trends in seconds.

A feature of our customer insight software, Campaign Manager is designed for marketers to push alerts out to sales colleagues.

Maybe you’ve spotted a certain type of product that needs to be promoted or a certain type of customer who needs to be sold to. sales-i makes it quick and easy to point salespeople in the right direction.

  • Identify low hanging fruit easily
  • Feed sales-ready leads to your sales team
  • Get ideas about what promotions to run

Benefits of sales-i for marketers.

Benefit 1

At a glance updates on your sales figures against your targets

Benefit 2

Proactive notifications when there are changes in customer buying behaviour

Benefit 3

Access to all relevant information on any device, even your visits offline

Benefit 4

Automated Customer Reports produced for each visit or call

Benefit 5 (1)

Visual Dynamic Dashboards you can talk through with your customers

Benefit 6

Instant visibility of customer communication and ability to collaborate with your colleagues without having to call them

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