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Wholesale sales enablement solutions.


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Working hard to meet retailer needs.

Working hard to meet retailer needs.

The growth in e-commerce and new entrants into the industry have seen structural changes impacting almost every part of the landscape. However, customers remain at the center of the wholesale business and the need to understand their purchasing behavior has never been greater.

Developed to meet this need sales-i provides users with actionable sales intelligence and insights into their customer base. While technology advances, the need to understand customer behavior is vital to success. sales-i gives businesses the confidence to meet the challenges they face and continue to grow.

Streamline your inventory.

your inventory.

As in any business, managing your inventory is key. Storage costs money and low-margin items aren't the best for your bottom line. You are likely to have thousands of line items, if not more, and the need to distinguish the low margin items from the high margin items is key.

By using sales-i we can help your business with a smarter management solution for your extensive product range.

Our sales enablement tool will trawl through your sales data, it will highlight your top-grossing items, your best and your worst sellers, and those that generate you the best profit margin. 

Chris Horobin Sales Director at Alert Electrical

"We are using sales-i to identify when and where our margins may be slipping. If we are being undercut by a chain retailer, we know quickly and can work to rectify this for our customers."

Chris Horobin
Sales Director at Alert Electrical

Identify sales growth opportunities.

Identify sales growth opportunities.

A growing business means a growing data set, from invoices to customer interactions and sales data, wholesalers, in particular, are overrun with reams of data that they simply aren't extracting any value from - which is where sales-i can help.

By using our sales enablement software you can take full control of data analysis, which will result in more valuable insights and unmissable sales opportunities. 

Our software automates the task of analyzing data, providing a better understanding of company performance, creating a proactive sales culture offering a complete customer view for the entire business.

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