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Sales analytics for market leaders

Enterprise level sales enablement for market leaders

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Secure, flexible, built for enterprise.

Find out how we deliver smarter selling to create a complete picture of your customers.

Large enterprise organization?

The first thought for your frontline salespeople might be to talk to the big name, off-the-shelf CRM players. By going straight to the familiar names, you may be missing the best-kept secret of enterprise-scale sales solutions.

The best-kept secret is that many Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors choose to trust sales-i.


Custom deployment to support the growth of your organization from several hundred to thousands of users. 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA during upscaling.


Data security that delivers every time. We ensure your data is secure, backed up and available whatever the circumstances, so you can focus on smarter selling.


Works with all the major ERP and CRM players so your existing systems continue to add value while sales-I delivers instant sales analytics.

Connect thousands of data points to create opportunities in Salesforce every day.

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What can sales-i do for you?

Focus your team's efforts where it matters most. With automated alerts to easy-to-close sales opportunities, your team will be able to pinpoint precisely where the next sale lies.

Answer questions like these in seconds:

"What items are our customers not buying from us?”

"What should this customer be buying from us?"

"Do I need to increase my review period for this customer?"

  • Deploy and integrate within weeks, to see a return on your investment.
  • Create targeted sales and marketing campaigns that matter to your business.
  • Unrivalled visibility into the performance of your accounts, sales teams, branches and products.
  • Give your teams the power to create customer-facing reports in seconds.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on insights.

Discover more.

"It's the simplest system we have found and paid for itself in the 3 months we've used it." - Neil Parsons, Leach's

More information.

sales-i and CRM
sales-i works with and analyzes your siloed CRM and ERP (back office system) data to deliver data insights, uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities and what's more your sales teams can access this information on the move, in real-time.
Industries using sales-i

sales-i is used by 1000s of wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributers big and small worldwide. 

We serve a wide variety of industries and we do this because we solve their shared pain points: 

  • Managing 1000s of SKUs,
  • Managing 1000s of salespeople,
  • Analysing large data sets
  • Too much time lost to reporting and admin and not enough time spent selling

sales-i solves these issues in any industry.

Sales teams and technology

Our software is built by salespeople for salespeople.

We understand that salespeople want to be selling rather than completing time-consuming admin and technological tasks.

That's why we've made our software intuitive, mobile-friendly, and given it voice-to-text features.

The benefits are quick to see and that's what drives user engagement. It's quicker and easier for a salesperson to use our software than to go about their day-to-day tasks without it.

Don't just take our word for it though:

"One of my team is a 60+ year old sales veteran and easily exceeded his sales target by 120%."

Rob St Barbe, Sales Director at Saint Gobain

Data security and protection

We live and breathe data and so we fully understand the importance of data security.

We have a robust security policy to ensure the protection and integrity of customer data from the initial upload to our systems and throughout your lifetime with sales-i.

Bespoke vs off the shelf software

Unlike bespoke software, and many of our competitors, sales-i delivers a rapid ROI through a low drama, low-risk project investment with no hidden costs.  

Our setup, training and on-going support can be remotely achieved with no hardware required but your WIFI enabled mobile device. Plus, you can be assured our experts are always fine-tuning the software to help your business sell smart every day 

Read our opinion piece for more information on bespoke vs off-the-shelf software.


sales-i don't feature in Gartner. The reason being the Gartner is a payable service.

As a company, we have taken the decision to invest in our product instead so that it delivers real-time value for our users. Check out our case studies for just a few of our customer's wins with sales-i.

You'll be in good company.

sales-i integrates with...

sales-i integration with Salesforce
sales-i integration with Oracle
sales-i integration with SAP
sales-i integration with Microsoft


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Episodes include:

An overview of the Enterprise sales marketplace with Kevin McGirl, Co-founder of sales-i.

The state of Sales and Tech in Distribution with Ian Heller, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Distribution Strategy Group.

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