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Your Customer Success Managers.

Your CSM will ensure value realization.

Your CSM will ensure value realization.

You will be introduced to your Customer Success Manager during the onboarding process. This relationship will be established early on, as your CSM will look after you during your sales-i journey.

Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to understand the initial reasons for implementing sales-i and what you want from the software to reach your business goals.

Once you begin to grow with sales-i and understand how you benefit most from the functionalities, your CSM will then help to further grow your business by introducing you to new areas of the software to identify or address new opportunities within your data.


Key Management Drivers.

sales-i logs your aims and objectives as a team, so that we can overlay them against current internal processes and make recommendations as to a correlating best practice.


Identifying Personas.

Establishing the roles in your business is key, whether that is internal vs external, key account manager vs area sales manager. What does each role entail and what can sales-i contribute to each persona and how might that differ per person?


Assessing Processes.

Following successful training, your CSM will establish areas of growth for the business through sales-i and what assistance we can offer to further expand the client's adoption moving forward.

Search for opportunities.

Search for opportunities.

Your CSM will do the following to guarantee the best success:

  • Establish initial reasons for implementing sales-i so they can work with you to get the most results

  • Search and address for any potential opportunities within your data that you can take advantage of

  • Work with you to understand what areas of sales-i you use most and what other functionalities you could benefit from
There to help you.

There to help you.

Your CSM is there to help you get the most out of your investment, whether that's maximizing usage across your organization or seeing the potential in different areas of the software that could advance your current processes even further.

Gareth Waters, Operations Manager

"sales-i quickly provided all the information we derived from 'old school' reporting within a fraction of the time. This immediately gave us a return on investment that made the switch worthwhile. Financial information takes literally seconds, rather than potentially hours. The team saves at least 2-4 hours a week thanks to sales-i."

Gareth Waters, Operations Manager

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