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Our Managed Service Offering Team.

Unlock the potential of your business.

Unlock the potential of your business.

The Managed Service Offering Team is the engine behind delivering data insights that help customers drive revenue opportunities for their business. Our services ultimately change how customers increase adoption and maximize the value of their sales-i investment.

Our specialist team tailors sales-i insights to best suit your business needs through:

  • Dashboard and Playbook
  • Custom created campaigns
  • Analysis of your customers buying behavior
  • Highlighted opportunities across customers, products, and sales teams

Data-driven insights.

You have the information needed to have data-driven conversations with customers.


Profitable interactions.

You know what to focus on to drive profitable sales interactions.


Coach your team.

You can coach your team to improve their performance.


Focus your efforts.

You can focus on improving execution and improving your current state of sales.


Full utilization.

You can grow your utilization of sales-i throughout your organization.


Time saving.

Dedicate more time to converting opportunities into sales with insights

Whats in it for you

What's in it for you?

You would be able to:

  • Increase sales activities

  • Retain profitable business

  • Win back lost sales

  • Increase utilization of sales-i

  • Engage sales reps with wins

  • Be provided with actionable revenue-generating insights
The impact.

The impact.

Early adopters, converted 267 dormant accounts that in turn, reactivated and purchased as much as $15,525.​​

Increase adoption of sales reps from 10 calls a day to an average of 30 by tracking call outcomes, login data, and determining win rate by sales rep.

Over a two-month span, we helped one early adopter identify 882 opportunities within sales-i and converted 70 accounts into a weekly sales value of $11,933.38.

Created cross-sell campaign alerts which generated more than $7,000 over a two-month span.

V.P. Sales & Marketing Early Adopter of MSO

“Thanks to the insights discovered by the Managed Service Offering from sales-i we identified and won back business from 5 customers who had moved to our competitors. I can’t wait to see what opportunities the next report will offer and how our actions with it will drive continued revenue growth.”

V.P. Sales & Marketing Early Adopter of MSO

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