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AFFLINK welcomes sales-i as a new Preferred Supplier.

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sales-i is excited to announce that we have recently joined AFFLINK as a Preferred Supplier. Based in Tuscaloosa, AL, AFFLINK is a leading sales and marketing organization representing a whole host of industries including industrial, healthcare, hospitality and commercial.

Much more than a typical ‘buying group’, AFFLINK is a co-operative, member driven organization linking its 300 members together with world-class distributors to supply thousands of products to millions of customers throughout North America.

As a smart proponent of business, AFFLINK is dedicated to delivering an integrated supply chain throughout North America, providing innovative business solutions to each and every one of its members.

sales-i joins a group of over 200 companies that are Preferred Suppliers. AFFLINK offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help its partners to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global market place. Joining as a new supplier, together sales-i and AFFLINK will both benefit by providing value to the extensive AFFLINK member network.

President of sales-i, Kevin McGirl, adds, “Becoming a part of AFFLINK is a fantastic opportunity for us to join some of the very best and most distinguished organizations across a number of industries. We are looking forward to introducing sales-i to AFFLINK members, customers and distributors at Summit later this month and demonstrating the value that we can bring to their businesses. The exciting opportunities that this partnership will afford us are as diverse as they come.”

Stay tuned for more information about seeing sales-i at this year’s Summit!

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