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Why distributors are using data analytics software

For distribution companies to be effective, understanding the demand and requirements of customers is vital.

Data analytics in distribution is a key element to selling products, building relationships with new manufacturers as well as revenue and business growth.

Distribution sales analytics software can help to measure your business performance and easily identifies sales opportunities and help to manage your sales team.

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What are the benefits of using data analytics in distribution?

Identify inactive or drifting accounts

Be aligned to customer demand

From identifying their top GP% line items to spotting cross-selling or upselling opportunities. Empower your team to make smart business decisions that result in more profitable sales.

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Quickly see yearly comparisons

Monitor entire product portfolio

Know which of your products are your best sellers, most profitable, and even your worst sellers in just a few clicks.

View a clear picture of your entire portfolio, from GP% to margin, and which customers have purchased that product in the last 12 months.

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Unleash your sales superpower

Pinpoint selling opportunities


Identify growth opportunities

Analyze your company’s historical sales and transactional data and easily identify trends with your sales data and point you in the right direction for success.

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Simplify your files-1

Manage your entire sales team

Easily manage your entire sales team and track your sales rep's progress. See your teams' sales pipelines and easily filter by data closed, and keep track of all your sales calls.

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Peter Baines

“This is unlike anything we’ve used before, the sales-i software takes the hard work out of data analysis, turning large data sets into easy to understand results.”

Peter Baines
Information Manager at International Timber

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