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The relationship between distributors & manufacturers has never been more important.

The relationship between distributors & manufacturers has never been more important.

For distribution companies to be effective, understanding the demand and requirements of customers is vital. It’s a key element to selling products, building relationships with new manufacturers as well as revenue and business growth.

Developed to meet the needs of distributors, our sales enablement software measures your business performance and identifies opportunities for improving your efficiency. The sales-i software offers a complete solution for increasing sales effectively in distribution, whilst also providing useful tools for manufacturers and wholesale companies.

Be aligned to customer demand.

Be aligned to customer demand.

With sales-i you will be able to provide a complete view of your entire distribution operation. From a sales point of view, this level of visibility will empower your team to make smart business decisions that result in more profitable sales. From identifying their top GP% line items to spotting opportunities to grow your share of the customer wallet.

With our sales enablement solution, you will be able to easily identify additional revenue streams and protentional cross-selling opportunities. For example, if a customer is purchasing nuts from your but not bolts? Why not offer a targeted discount on bolts to get their custom? With sales-i you will be able to identify these opportunities instantly.

Donnie Eartherly, Owner and President of P&E

"Because we introduced a simple and effective tool that can be used across the business, we started to see significant improvements within the first month."

Donnie Eartherly
Owner and President of P&E

Monitor entire product portfolio.

Monitor entire product portfolio.

As a distributor, you are more than likely going to have a product range in hundreds or even thousands. Knowing which of these products are your best sellers, most profitable and even your worst sellers can take hours to decipher – but not with sales-i.

Our sales enablement software will provide you with a clear picture of your entire product portfolio, from GP% to margin and even which customers have purchased that product in the last 12 months. With sales-i you can identify products which your customers are not buying from your but should be.

Identify growth opportunities.

Identify growth opportunities.

The potential for growth within the distribution sector is huge, from diversifying to international markets to extending or focusing on a particular product.

By introducing our sales enablement solution to your distribution business, you can ease the identification of growth opportunities and decision-making processes.

Using the sales-i software you can analyze your company’s historical sales and transactional data. This will then begin to identify trends with your sales data and point you in the right direction for success.

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