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Data Analytics for Salespeople

The software is made by salespeople, for salespeople.

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Why does your business need sales analytics software (1)

How does sales data analytics software work?

sales-i works by connecting to your existing ERP system, taking all of your existing data, and putting it into one place.

Sales teams are able to easily access everything they need, from insights into customers to quickly viewing any previous customer call notes.

With the ability to generate detailed sales reports at the click of a button, sales reps can focus their time and energy on what really matters.

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What are the benefits of sales data analytics?

Having access to the most up-to-date sales data analytics allows you to walk into any sales meeting with the confidence that you’re prepared.  
From the ability to plan your day and view any notes from a previous call with a customer to identifying sales opportunities, there are lots of different benefits to sales data analytics that any salesperson can put to good use.

Run reports on customer data-1

Instant visibility on your sales, targets, and customers

Gain instant visibility on your accounts, customers and quickly see your progress compared to your sales targets.

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Manage and plan your time-1

Plan your day

With the integrated CRM functionality, easily plan and organize your next calls and efficiently manage your time.

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Unleash your sales superpower today

Access anywhere, anytime

Access anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re on the road or at a desk, you’ll always have access to sales-i on your laptop, tablet, or mobile.

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Identify inactive or drifting accounts

Proactive alerts and notifications

Receive instant notifications where there’s any change or update in your customer's buying behavior so you can focus your time where it counts most.

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sales-i on desktop

“We have grown our sales in a number of accounts as a consequence of the reporting facilities in sales-i. My reps are now better informed about their customer trading positions than they have ever been.”

Mark Costello
Managing Director at Mercury Ltd.

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