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Sales enablement solutions designed for salespeople.


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Sell smart, every day with sales software that works.

Sell smart, every day
with sales software that works.

Be confident in every meeting with sales-i providing you actionable insights. Plan your day, hit targets, and close deals faster no matter where you are or what device you are using.

sales-i puts you one step ahead of the competition and makes a good salesperson a great one.

Find new sales opportunities.

Find new sales opportunities.

Our smart sales analytics software will alert you to tell you when an account’s spend is down, or when a customer isn’t buying something that they should be.

This allows you to find new sales opportunities on tap; all you have to do is take them.

  • Maximize share of your customers’ wallet
  • Instantly know which customer accounts are falling in spend
  • Be alerted to any changes in customer behavior
Mark Costello, Managing Director at Mercury Ltd.

"We have grown our sales in a number of accounts as a consequence of the reporting facilities in sales-i. We certainly cover a broader spread of customers than used to be the case and my reps are better informed about their customer trading positions than they have ever been."

Mark Costello
Managing Director at Mercury Ltd.

Plan your day.

your day.

sales-i’s sales enablement software takes the legwork out of organizing your calendar, contact details and even creating those mundane sales reports, which are available at the click of a button.

The sales contact management system effectively allows you to focus on the tasks that really matter.

  • Easily prioritize daily, weekly and monthly sales calls with sales CRM software
  • The built-in CRM gives you access to note history and contact information
  • Save time by creating in-depth customer-facing reports at the touch of a button
Access whenever, wherever.

Access whenever
, wherever.

As sales-i is a cloud-based solution, you can access everything you need from anywhere you go. All you’ll need is an Internet connection and our free app to access contact details, key statistics, reports, and even customer files.

This ensures that you remain connected to your sales management software, and the heart of your business, wherever you are.

  • Call the right customers, at the right time with a clear purpose
  • Update customer details and collaborate with colleagues
  • Get up-to-date sales data whilst out on the road
  • Easily view your sales management dashboard

Benefits of sales-i for salespeople.

Benefit 1

At a glance updates on your sales figures against your targets

Benefit 2

Proactive notifications when there are changes in customer buying behaviour

Benefit 3

Access to all relevant information on any device, even your visits offline

Benefit 4

Automated Customer Reports produced for each visit or call

Benefit 5 (1)

Visual Dynamic Dashboards you can talk through with your customers

Benefit 6

Instant visibility of customer communication and ability to collaborate with your colleagues without having to call them

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