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Food and Drink.

Grow your sales with a software designed for Food and Drink businesses.

Redefine sales meetings
Take advantage of a proactive sales solution that delivers valuable sales performance data right to your device. Before any sales meeting, get up to date with your customer’s health and sales figures; including purchasing behavior and trend patterns, to focus the meeting on the direction you want it to go.

Powerful customer insights
Be confident that you will never miss valuable sales data again, with an integrated CRM system that records everything from customer interactions to tasks to complete. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into conversations that count.

Make smart decisions
sales-i brings confidence and clarity to your business with actionable sales and business insights that you can convert into well-informed, accurate and data-driven decisions to improve your bottom line.

Instant sales reports.

Sales reports are an essential part of business but can be a time-consuming and draining admin task that takes hours, if not days to manually compile.

But, by using sales-i – a sales solution software Specifically Designed for Food and Drink Businesses – you will eliminate those lengthy processes and get your time back to focus on closing deals.

  • Produce sales reports in a couple of clicks
  • Print, edit and share reports across your team in seconds
  • Get access to all the customer information you need, when you need it

Retain loyal customers.

Typically, salespeople focus their efforts on introducing new business, rather than targeting their existing customer base to maximize potential and retain loyalty.

Give your team the confidence and knowledge with a powerful sales software that identifies customer behavior changes as soon as they occur.

This way, they can stay alerted and be proactive by contacting these flagged customers with personalized and tailored promotional cross-sell offers to generate more sales.

Utilize customer information.

Eliminate outdated spreadsheets with old customer information from your business and take advantage of a smart sales solution that effectively delivers detailed and accurate data straight to your chosen device.

With the ability to update on the go, you can share customer information across your organization to ensure a streamlined and knowledgeable way of working.



Close more deals.

Interrogate your customer’s data and spot any up-sell or cross-sell opportunities that you can take advantage of to boost sales and close more deals.

With sales-i, you have the information in front of you – it’s just up to you what you do with it.



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