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Manufacturing data analytics software

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Why manufacturers are using data analytics software

Why manufacturers are using data analytics software

Data analytics in the manufacturing industry is vital in providing organizations with up-to-date information and valuable insights into their data.

A good sales enablement tool champions the use of data, sales history, mobile applications and produces dynamic results in seconds, presenting valuable insights in an efficient format that can be actioned and used.

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What are the benefits of using data analytics in manufacturers?

Run reports on customer data


Identify sales trends

With intuitive dashboards, proactive alerts to opportunities, and targeted campaign lists, your sales, and marketing departments can be taken to the next level in a couple of clicks.

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Efficiently manage your team


Share information with ease

From customer interactions to sales activity and business performance, everything can be monitored within a sales enablement tool. With real-time data, everyone will have what they need right at their fingertips.

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See sales-i in action

Prioritize customer contact

Outsmart the competition

Grow your business and quickly identify the precise products that a customer has bought, what they haven’t, and more importantly, what they should be buying from you.

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“We were searching for a solution that was easily accessible & non-restrictive in terms of network, and sales-i ticks those boxes.”

Lesley Winter
Sales Support Executive at Ideal Bathrooms

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Manage and plan your time-1

Manage your entire team

Keep track of your entire sales team all in one place. Easily see your sales users' pipelines, keep track of all your sales calls, and see insight into your team's performance.

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