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The manufacturing sector is at the center of another revolution.

The manufacturing sector is at the center of another revolution.

As a manufacturer, you thrive on processes and data. Everything has its place, has to be double and triple checked for quality and any slip-up or efficiency is recorded and noted. Data soon builds up and you’ll have so much of it that you have no clue what to do with it. So why are so many of us choosing to ignore the opportunity that data can provide?

A good sales enablement tool champions the use of data, sales history, mobile applications and produces dynamic results in seconds, presenting valuable insights in an efficient format that can be actioned and used.

Improve supply chain management with company-wide insights.

Improve supply chain management
with company-wide insights.

For a supply chain to operate at its best, information must be shared across the business for a complete 360-degree view of operations. From customer interactions to sales activity and business performance, everything can be monitored within a sales enablement tool.

You’ll be able to spot areas of improvement, you’ll be promoting effective collaboration and real-time data sharing while your entire business has all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Quickly identify sales trends before your competition does.

Quickly identify sales trends.

With intuitive dashboards, proactive alerts to opportunities, and targeted campaign lists, your sales, and marketing departments can be taken to the next level in a couple of clicks.

sales-i can help a flagging marketing department to generate specific campaigns to both existing customers and fresh prospects, feeding the sales team with a steady stream of warm leads.

Predicting sales trends and identifying sales opportunities isn’t easy to do manually, but with our sales enablement tool you can respond to your questions and provide you with a campaign plan that will actually push your prospects’ buttons, rather than churning out useless campaigns with little return.

Tony Phelps Sales and Marketing Manager at Helapet

"sales-i has without a doubt saved time, and to save time, you become more effective and efficient in what you are doing."

Tony Phelps
Sales and Marketing Manager at Helapet

Outsmart the competition.

the competition.

Our sales enablement software makes it easier for you to grow your manufacturing empire and outsmart the competition. Selling tens of thousands of products makes it tough for your team to effectively analyze sales information and valuable opportunities will be passing them by every day simply because they don’t have the hours in the day to keep things organized.

With sales-i you can quickly identify the precise products that a customer has bought, what they haven’t, and more importantly, what they should be buying from you. Having instant access to information will make a vast difference and you won’t be wasting time sorting through order forms and sales invoices to spot your next sale.

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