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sales-i Partnership Programme.

Secure your share.

Why partner with sales-i.

Why partner with sales-i.

We will help you secure sales and prosper – our partner programme is designed to encourage profitable growth and customer development.

Selling sales-i will not only create an additional monthly revenue stream and chargeable professional services.

It will also give you the ability to pull through further opportunities by opening up discussions around ERP, CRM systems, Business Intelligence systems, and associated services.

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The benefits of the sales-i partnership programme:

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Sales assistance.

From prospect creation through to close – we have experienced sales professionals who will ensure higher close rates.

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Marketing resources.

Co-branded campaigns, webinars, content pieces can all form part of your marketing mix to your prospects.

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With a dedicated team of trainers, we can support your customers in getting the most out of sales-i.

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Technical support.

Whether it's supporting integrations or users, our Technical Support team is ready to assist.

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Customer support.

All of our customers have a dedicated Customer Support Manager for ongoing customer satisfaction.

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Events and hospitality.

Access to sales-i Partner events and Corporate hospitality where you can meet our customers and prospects.

How you can partner with sales-i.

Alliance partnerships.

Alliance partnerships.

Work alongside a like-minded business to provide a more complete offer to customers.

In an alliance partnership, we can provide customers and prospects with a broader range of solutions. While there may not be a direct tech link between your business and sales-i our collaborative mindset and approach to business can deliver results.

With a broader offering of complementary solutions, proposals and pitches are much more likely to be successful. As an independent business ourselves, we know that we go the extra mile to provide a complete solution that delivers a positive impact when striving to secure new business.

As a sales-i alliance partner, you have access to a range of exclusive support. This makes sure you get the most value out of our partnership.

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“With sales-i, CPiO can now help Sage users extract the real value from that data, providing meaningful insight to drive up sales.”

Reseller partnerships.

Reseller partnerships.

Increase your revenue streams with our powerful software.

You're a technology service provider committed to supplying the best software, helping find the right solutions for your customers' business. Take advantage of our sector-specific offer to win more business.

sales-i's unique proposition will give you the opportunity to convert more prospects by adding a point of difference to the solutions you can offer.

As a sales-i Reseller partner, you will have access to the full range of support we can offer, ensuring you get the most value out of our partnership.

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ERP partnerships.

ERP partnerships.

Integrate with an award-winning solution.

You provide software applications or services that complement, integrate with, or add value to our sales enablement software, or vice versa. Our Technology Partners work with our development and strategic sales teams to create and deliver a best-in-breed, holistic solution for our customers.

The unique and innovative solution offered by sales-i can be a powerful addition to the functionality and benefits you already offer to your customers.

As a sales-i technology partner, you have access to the full range of support we can offer. This makes sure you get the most value out of our partnership.

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Our accreditations.

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