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AI-Identified Cross-Selling Opportunities

Using AI to remove the hard work from cross-selling

Using Artificial Intelligence to sell smarter

sales-i supports cross-selling by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to map relationships between products, and serves your sales team with easy-to-understand recommendations on other products that customer could or should buy.

sales-i is one of the first sales intelligence platforms in the world to use artificial intelligence to produce insights at a product level.


Associated products your Customer could buy 

If you're looking for a list of products that your customer is likely to buy, based on their historical buying patterns, then this is for you.

sales-i uses sales data from your ERP system to understand historical sales patterns and then detects relationships between products. Plus, we'll even let you know how likely they are to buy and the value of that sale so your sales team can prioritize.

Missed Opportunities


Looking for new ideas?

Potential opportunities takes a future view of your customer's buying habits. Here sales-i suggests products based on the behaviour of similar customers.

Sound familiar? If you've shopped on a certain global e-commerce site (starting with A) then you're likely to have been served recommended products with a heading of ‘Customers like you also bought these’. 

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Benefits of Opportunity Identification

Competitive Edge

Being quick to identify and capitalize on opportunities gives businesses a competitive advantage. They can stay ahead of competitors who might be slower to respond or adapt.


Identifying different types of sales opportunities can help diversify a business's revenue streams, reducing reliance on a single product or market.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Opportunity identification often involves understanding customer needs and preferences better. This deeper understanding can lead to improved customer experiences and loyalty.

Better Risk Management

Pursuing multiple opportunities spreads the risk, making the business less vulnerable to downturns in a specific market.


How long does it take for the system to understand my customers?

It doesn't take long! sales-i uses AI to map relationships between products quickly and generates easy-to-understand recommendations suitable for your customers.  

I'm worried about my data being unorganized. How does this algorithm cope with poorly structured data?

Don't worry about your unorganized data! Before we first import your data into sales-i, we will meet you, firstly take a look at your current data structure and secondly, to understand  what types of insights you are looking to develop. We then take this information and use it to restructure the data coming out of your ERP so that sales-i will produce the reports you need.

How much input does this require from my team in order to generate valuable insights?

Minimal input from your team. AI will be doing the heavy lifting, as it will help push actionable insights to your team with little input from them.


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