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Sales enablement solutions designed for business leaders.

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Sales reporting made easy-1

Gain instant, actionable insights into all your sales data

sales-i offers real-time insights into customers and gives sales leaders an overview of your entire sales team so you can easily keep track.

From managing a small team through to an Enterprise size commercial department, you’ll be able to see everything you need with just a few quick clicks. With insights into customer behavior and your sales team, performance decisions can be made quickly to ensure every opportunity is taken.

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Manage and plan your time-2

Easily spot market trends early

With sales-i, you can quickly spot market-wide trends that would ordinarily take months of research to figure out, and always stay two steps ahead of the competition. Predictive analytics provides key insights on tap, allowing you to make future-focused decisions way in advance, keeping you one step ahead of the customer and the competition.

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Decisions based on fact and not gut instinct
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition

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Man using sales-i on Desktop

“We have grown our sales in a number of accounts as a consequence of the reporting facilities in sales-i. My reps are better informed about their customer trading positions than they have ever been.”

Mark Costello
Managing Director at Mercury Ltd.

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One system, multiple benefits

One system, multiple benefits

Like most CEOs and sales managers, you probably spend a lot of your time jumping from report to report and program to program, all the while trying to juggle your client, prospect, and partner meetings.

There is a better way; working with sales-i's predictive analytics software means working from one, all-inclusive solution, making it incredibly easy to find out exactly what you need to know, where you need to be, and who you need to call.

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Benefits of sales-i for business leaders.

Benefit 1

A well-established sales tool, present within your industry that has a demonstratable track record of delivering a return on investment

Benefit 3

Visual Dynamic Dashboards for monitoring the activity and performance of the sales department, and one-click interrogation of areas of concern or opportunity within the sales data

Benefit 3

Software that empowers the sales team to be both independent and accountable. Delivering quality of life improvements to your staff, improving their satisfaction at work

Benefit 4

A secure format for sharing your company sales data that makes it as difficult as possible for employees to misuse this information

Benefit 5

A solution with fixed commercials, on an annual contract, which allows you to assess its value year to year to ensure the return is there

Benefit 6

Not a “blank canvas project”. A standardized solution built with the experience of your market that is deliverable in weeks as opposed to months

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