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Construction sales enablement solutions.

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Build your sales and cement your customers.

Manage fast growth

Capitalize on fast growth with sales-i at your side. With access to targeted customer information, you’ll soon be bolstering sales and taking the market by storm.

Spot margin erosion

sales-i instantly flags where margins may be slipping on key product groups, by giving your sales team access to this valuable information, they’re able to prevent the margin erosion before it has even happened.

Make smarter decisions

sales-i brings clarity and confidence to your building supplies business with actionable insights that allow you to make faster, well-informed business decisions that contribute to your bottom line.

Boosting sales with existing customers.

Boosting sales
with existing customers.

More sales don’t always equal more customers. By using sales-i, you can delve into the areas of your existing customer base and identify any sales opportunities that they are missing out on. Are they buying hand tools from you but not power tools?

  • Instantly analyze and interrogate key accounts to spot up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Recover any lost business with personalized sales campaigns that are tailored to their business requirements
  • Maximize your existing customer potential by concentrating on the accounts only contributing 30% to your annual revenue
Staying ahead of the competition.

Staying ahead
of the competition.

With the Building Supplies Industry Already Being Competitive, it’s important to always have a full understanding of the purchase patterns of your customers, so you can be confident in every sales call.

sales-i is specifically designed for the building industry to identify where the competition may be eating away at your market share and instantly sends an alert to your desktop, smart phone or tablet to allow you to action. Having the important and actionable information at the touch of a button will keep you ahead of the

Peter Baines, Information Manager at International Timber

"Having sales-i on board will provide us with the data we need to be able to sell more products quickly and easily. sales-i allows us to retrieve high-level detailed sales and profitability information on screen from the office or out in the sales field."

Phil Hanson
Executive VP at C.H. Hanson

Manage your rapid growth.

Manage your rapid growth.

As you grow as a business, you will naturally collate higher volumes of data. If you’re relying on an outdated system to manage this, you’ll quickly find yourself one step behind, rather than three steps in front.

With sales-i, you can take advantage of intuitive dashboards that deliver actionable insights tot display your business performance in one place. Using this information, you’re able to confidently make data-driven business decisions that contribute towards your growth; make profit from every sales opportunity.

Full visibility of product lines.

Full visibility
of product lines.

If you have thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of different products, it can be easy to lose track and not be fully aware of the sales performance for each product. Are you able to list your top three product lines in terms of gross profit percentage within just a few seconds?

sales-i can find your best (and worst) performing products in seconds, identify if a customer has stopped buying from you, if an account is up or down and where your margins may be slipping. Having this level of knowledge ensures you are always confident of your business operations and can make actionable decisions if any changes occur. View the Benefits of sales-i for Building Supplies Businesses Here.

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