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The only sales tool you need

Don't know your easy wins? Spending too much time reporting? Don't know who to sell to? Our sales enablement software has the solution. 

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How sales-i works

How sales-i works

sales-i is the smart sales enablement software designed for product-based businesses that combines your hard and soft data, so you have all of your best data insights at your fingertips.

It simply connects to your existing ERP system and extracts your key data. 

It then works to combine all of your existing data and put it in a way that’s easy to understand and clear, and will tell you exactly what you need to know.

sales-i is a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), which means that as long as you’re connected to the internet, it can be accessed anywhere, and on any device.

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Introducing the sales-i product

Discover sales-i, the only sales tool you need. Designed especially for product-orientated sales businesses, it combines sales data analytics insights and an in-built CRM, so you'll be able to have everything you need, all in one place.

Dive into your sales data with sales analytics software

Dive into your sales data with sales analytics software

sales-i will take into account all of your different types of data, and allow you to see key information that can drastically help improve your sales and help you sell smarter.

sales-i essentially acts as your cheat sheet when it comes to creating a fool-proof sales strategy.

It provides you with valuable insights into your business and your sales activity, so you know about all of the ins and outs of all your sales, which you can then use to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

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Unleash your sales superpower today

Manage, prioritize and organize your time with CRM software

Manage, prioritize and organize your time with CRM software

You’ll also be able to see all of your call notes and swiftly pull up details on all of your customer interactions, as well as mapping out and planning your day.

Swap between detailed reports and visual charts so you can see all the information you need at a quick glance

Find answers to questions like 'how many calls are my sales user' making?' or view your sales users' sales pipelines.

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“Ultimately, our sales team has more time. We are making more sales & business is going from strength to strength”

Shelly Miller
Director of Sales Development at Auto-Wares

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Who is our sales software designed for?

Our sales software is designed for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesale salespeople to be able to use, and is already used by a variety of industries.

For different industries

For different industries

No matter your industry, your business, or your role, sales-i can help you gain better insights into your customers, your products with our sales solutions.

For different sectors

For different sectors

From manufacturing to distribution,
sales-i is the perfect sales solution for your business needs, no matter the sector your business operates within.

For different roles

For different roles

No matter what your role is – sales-i can give sales managers an overview of all their sales activities & will quickly become sales reps' go-to solution.

For enterprise organizations

For enterprise organizations

sales-i is secure, can easily integrate with your existing ERP provider, and is perfectly adaptable for scale and size.

For small to medium-sized businesses

For small to medium-sized businesses

From 3 users to 3 thousand users, sales-i offers instant sales analytics solutions and insights no matter the size.

For salesforce users

For Salesforce users

Salesforce user? sales-i will integrate with Salesforce and can then give you easy and quick sales analytics insights.

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