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sales-i continues to evolve with Microsoft.

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On 21st January, at Microsoft’s Reactor Hub in London, sales-i proudly graduated from the Microsoft Scaleup program as part of the 2020 cohort. During the evening of celebration, we outlined the journey we have been on and listened to the success stories of our fellow graduates.

This is an important milestone for us, and this award reflects the close partnership sales-i has built with Microsoft over the past ten years. During that time, there have been plenty of these milestones, but arguably the most important for the future development of sales-i was achieved in the last few months with the migration to Microsoft Azure.

sales-i graduated from the Microsoft Scaleup program and was awarded with ScaleUP Cohort 2020.

At sales-i, we’re always looking to make positive changes to ensure our customers are experiencing the very best versions of our products and services – which is why we made the move to Microsoft Azure.

As our software continues to develop, we are making more demands on our hosting provider and it was essential that any provider could support the increased technology requirements, particularly around Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, working with Microsoft, as the leading hosting AI provider in the world, gives us access to AI capabilities, which will deliver significant benefits to our customers.

Global Scale

Marcus Webster, Chief Technology Officer at sales-i, shares his thoughts on how Azure’s global scale will benefit the development of sales-i:

“The migration to Azure has enabled sales-i to leverage cloud scalability without the loss of control that is often associated with cloud service.

Scalability is possible in any environment, but Azure removes time-based business barriers within the enterprise workspace, without the compromise on network design or server clustering technology. The ability to significantly increase capability within hours (not weeks or months!) has ushered in a new era within sales-i, allowing our Technical Operations team to concentrate on more customer-facing aspects of our business.”

There are five areas where the partnership with Microsoft and the capabilities of the Azure platform will deliver benefits to our customers.

1. Artificial Intelligence

With sales-i focused on sales intelligence and data analytics designed to identify every customer’s purchasing behavior, it was important that Microsoft Azure could complement, support and enhance our Artificial Intelligence development roadmap. Moving forward, sales-i (and customers) can use, build, retain and improve machine learning models that run at the cutting edge of sales enablement, to deliver real-time insights, all with Microsoft Azure.

2. Future Development

As sales-i continues to develop its software capabilities – with new product updates continually being trialed, tested and released ­– it’s vital that the cloud computing provider supports growth, and manage the storage of data engines, to work in the most streamlined and efficient way for customers.

3. Functionality of sales-i 

The flexibility of Microsoft Azure cloud assists sales-i in building, deploying and managing business applications and infrastructure, to save the time of our customers while aiding the functionalities that sales-i delivers for each end-user.

4. Cloud Redundancy

Microsoft Azure offers four redundancy options to help minimize the risk of downtime, meaning sales-i customers can choose to replicate their data within the same data center, across zonal data centers within the same region, or across geographically separated regions. Because sales-i customers and end-users are located around the globe, it’s crucial that the software can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time, with no restrictions or limitations.

With 54 Azure regions across 140 countries, sales-i can effortlessly deliver a powerful sales enablement tool that is supported by the trusted and reliable Microsoft Cloud.

5. Security 

As a sales intelligence software company, sales-i has always guaranteed that customer data is highly protected against any potential threats. With the support of Microsoft Azure, the levels of security have been taken to the next level, with multi-layered security measures that streamline the ever-increasing compliance requirements of our customers. Microsoft Azure can identify any potential risks and deliver unique services that allow sales-i to act rapidly, as real-time global cybersecurity intelligence is delivered at cloud scale. As a result, the customers of sales-i – and their realms of data cubes – are even more secure than ever before.

With the support of Azure, sales-i continues to safeguard data in facilities that are highly protected and compliant with comprehensive standards and regulations. The location holds no limits on security, which is crucial when handling customer data cubes from far and wide.

The ever-changing world of technology means businesses need to continue to evolve and adapt. Sale-i’s enduring relationship with Microsoft and the migration to Azure will only create even more value for customers from using the software.

With annual double-digit growth expected for sales-i over the next few years and a focus on the international enterprise space, Microsoft Azure supports the more advanced features that position sales-i as the leading product for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. As a business, it will keep us ahead of the competition by providing a tailored sales solution to those industries. This strategic partnership supports sales-i in current and future development, to ensure each customer (far and wide) has the most advanced user experience possible and can take advantage of the benefits it delivers.

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