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Sales enablement solutions for technologists.


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Be confident in a new technological change with sales-i.

We understand that introducing new and modern technology to your current processes may bring concerns. But you can feel reassured in the knowledge that sales-i is easy to implement and ready to go.

sales-i is a Sales Intelligence Software specifically designed for manufacturing, distribution and wholesale businesses. With the support of Microsoft Azure, it is hosted on one of the most secure and advanced platforms available.

AI capabilities with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure's global reach enables sales-i to transform the way products and services are delivered to directly to you, wherever you are located.

It was important that Microsoft Azure supports and enhances the Artificial Intelligence development roadmap for sales-i. With this, sales-i customers can use, build, retain and improve machine learning models that run at the cutting edge of sales enablement, to deliver real-time insights, all with Azure.
With 54 Azure regions across 140 countries, sales-i can effortlessly deliver a powerful sales enablement tool that is supported by the trusted and reliable Microsoft Cloud.  

User benefits of Microsoft Azure.

You can also guarantee that:
  • The storage of data within sales-i is working in the most streamlined and efficient way for users
  • Any risk of downtime is minimized due to the redundancy options with Azure, meaning you can replicate your data within the same data centre, across zonal data centres within the same region
  • Multi-layered security measures that streamline the ever-increasing compliance requirements of customers are in place in sales-i
  • Microsoft Azure will identify any potential risks and deliver unique services that allow sales-i to act rapidly, as real-time global cybersecurity intelligence is delivered at cloud scale
  • With the support of Azure, sales-i continues to safeguard data in facilities that are highly protected and compliant with comprehensive standards and regulations

Easily integrates with your ERP.

sales-i works with a wide range of ERP Software Solutions, meaning we can easily accommodate your existing ERP system quickly and effectively. 

Implementing sales-i to your business has never been easier. With an effortless Enterprise Resource Planning data integration process, sales-i does the hard work for you; your business can begin to maximize the benefits of a sales enablement solution with minimum effort.

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