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Refer a friend to sales-i...

and earn retail vouchers.

If you know of any other companies that could benefit from sales-i, you could get up to £250 for your referral.

Simply fill in the form below and, if your referral becomes a sales-i customer, we'll give you up to £250 in retail vouchers.

Please note: The person you're referring will need to be contacted by yourself to let them know you are referring them and will need to be qualified first.

Your referral’s monthly subscription - Up to £399 = £100 retailer vouchers

Your referral’s monthly subscription - £400+ = £250 retailer vouchers

The reward.

You will receive your vouchers once your referral becomes a sales-i customer and has made payment for their first month’s subscription and setup fee. We will send your voucher via email within 14 days of confirming the value of the retails vouchers.

Refer a friend now.

Fill out the form below to get started.

sales-i referral scheme terms and conditions.

  • The lead must be a qualified lead, not just a name or email address
  • Any previous leads passed to sales-i cannot be backdated
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made
Contacting the lead
  • By referring a company to us, you declare that you have given us permission to contact them
  • We reserve the right to refuse to contact any referral made, without the need to state the reason for any refusal.
  • Should the same lead be referred more than once, the earliest referral will take precedence and we are only liable to meet the obligation of one claimant per successful referral
  • Should we be already in negotiations with the lead, we reserve the right to refuse any referral
  • We will not be liable to you (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any indirect or consequential loss or cost of damage you may incur as a result of participating in the sales-i referral program
  • We will not, in any event, be liable for any loss of profits, business, revenue, data or goodwill, whether any such loss is directly or indirectly as a result of participating in the program
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the sales-i referral program at any given time, without prior notice or explanation.
The reward
  • No cash alternative is available
  • We will confirm the value of the vouchers once we receive your referral’s first subscription payment and setup fee
  • We will send your voucher via email within 14 days of confirming the value of the vouchers
  • Before we release any voucher, we must have received written permission from a company director approving receipt of the reward
  • We will only send your voucher code to a valid business email address.
Data protection
  • We are bound by the Data Protection Act of 1998. We will never make your personal details available to other companies for marketing purposes, we may hold your details to process your order and/or maintain your account.

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